Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some more fun continuous line drawings!

Thought I would share some more of my continuous line drawings with you.  These are really fun to do - and a bit addicting *winks* in fact, these are doubly addicting because they are little ACEOs and you know how much fun those are!

Benny Bunny

Pam's very cute little Jessie *winks*

and a fun little one of Cynthia and Mikayla *smiles*

Join the fun!  Grab a pen - I used a gel pen because the line was much finer - and get some paper - I love Bristol paper for ink work - and have a creative day.  This is a wonderful 'take-along' project for whenever you think you might have to sit and wait...  tire shop, oil change, picking kids up from school, doctor's office...  yeah, baby - we never have to wait anywhere, do we!  *roflol*

What kind of 'take-along' projects to you have handy for those 'long waits' that happen now and then?  I doodle on ACEOs - or else I pay my bills =p  How about you?  What's your favorite thing to carry along with you?

Happy (and productive *winks*) waiting!

PS - Just in case you don't know ~ ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals.  They are fun little collectible artwork that are 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size.  Other than the size - anything goes!  See my blog post about ACEOs and ATCs for more information.


  1. These are fun :)
    It's neat to find the image in the lines!

  2. Wow!! i don't think I can do that.. LOL

    You're so talent!!!

  3. very fun! I have a pad I carry around too...sometimes just for sketching, sometimes for idea jotting. Your continuous lines reminds me of my gesture drawing days...I should go find some of those, I know they are here somewhere...

  4. Very fun Kathy! I take paper along with me also, I just ordered some ACEO blank luggage tags that I will take along (when they get here)

  5. Those are fun, Kathy! But you are being modest. They are NOT that easy to do.
    I usually read when I have to wait.

  6. I love the continuous line drawings, they are wonderful.
    Thank you for leaving me such a wonderful comment.

  7. Thanks, memories - they look like puzzles to me sometimes!

    Thanks, Patch =)

    TiLT - they remind me of gesture drawings when I do them. That's why it's so hard to keep the pen on the paper =p

    Marlene - sounds like fun!

    I like to read, too, Splendid - sometimes I take a book.

    Thank you Marie and you are welcome =)

  8. You are really good at these, I have tried a few on scrap paper and have no talent for it! LOL

  9. They are fun, but they take a lot of thought for me. I keep going into 'sketch mode' and trying to jump around all over the paper.


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