Sunday, March 7, 2010

So... I am not sure why my brain works this way, but...

...  I don't think it's going to change after all these years.  And if it did, I would probably have to go looking for me because I would wonder where I was =p

It all started when I did a bunch of these fun little drawings (and tossed several in a pile called:  ick, maybe I can do something with this later *lol).  Some of them I really like, though, for their spontaneous line quality.  Like this one one I did from a photo of my little dog, Lova ~

This is a little ACEO (Art Card Editions and Original) 2.5 x 3.5 inch original ink drawing on Bristol.  It's a continuous line drawing - which means that the entire drawing is one long line with no breaks.  Um... hence the pile of oops drawings - it was really hard for me to keep the pen going in one coninuous line.  That took a lot of concentration for my leetle fuzzy brain.  gadfry!

My headlong race to create a continuous line drawing began to look the same to me as my headlong race in life.  Sometimes I just go too fast and that adds to the 'oops' pile.  Yep.  Going to slow down and savor some of the quieter moments and let that pen move a little more purposefully in my life.

And I am still not sure why my mind works like that, but it's been fun so I think I will just keep on letting it ramble down the creative paths it has taken. 

Hope you had a great weekend full of creative fun!

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10a


  1. Change can be a good thing...but staying true to yourself is even more important :)

  2. I like it Kathy, I am going to try one also. They really do take a certain discipline.

  3. Having been in on some of your headlong racing, I think that slowing down, on occasion, is good - but don't get too carried away with that process! The continuous line drawing is cool - I know that I would never be able to do that - at least not with a writing implement, but I can do it with a sewing machine!

  4. it turned out nice! Haven't ever heard of a continuous line drawing before. Neat! Good thing to do when you're tired. {:-D

  5. Beautiful - thank you so much for writing it down and explaining it :o)
    I think it is lovely♥

  6. I think your mind works are very gifted!

  7. I love the way your mind works :)

  8. Kathy these are really good exercises to do. I read about them in a drawing book years ago. At least yours look like what they are supposed to look like, lol!

    did I ever thank you for the goodies I won? I can't remember, my brain is mush, but the prints are gorgeous, and love the ACEOs! I will be framing the horse and cat print. Thanks so much for running that blog giveaway!!

  9. Good point, memories =)

    They do, Marlene - but they are a lot of fun, too!

    Hey, Karin - I remember doing some free hand machine sewing years ago =) Bet it would be fun! And, yeah - hehe - I am still tangent woman *winks* I just have a few less tangents =p

    story - I remember doing it originally as an exercise in an art class - back in the dark ages before bifocals =p *roflol*

    Thanks, Carole =)

    Thanks, Kippy - glad you liked it =)

    Thanks, Patti *blushes*

    Thanks, Ruthie =) you made my day!

    You are welcome, Betty =) glad you enjoyed them! and thanks for the lovely comments on my artwork! Bless you =)

  10. Kathy,
    You have a special mind which is creative and fun! Do hold on to it!

  11. Thank you, Splendid - some days I hold on to it... other days I seem to be chasing it!

  12. Love your dog! Keep up the good work! :)

  13. Thanks, Pam =) These are fun to do!


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