Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, yeah ~ I always wanted to do this! Of course, it's chocolate ~

hehe ~ did you ever hear Bill Cosby's "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast" on his Bill Cosby, Himself  album? 

Well, this breakfast didn't have grapefruit juice *winks* but there was some other fruit ~ and, ummmmm ~ a surprise!

Oh *guilty laugh* what is this?  A tiny bit of evidence of what can happen at Grammy's house?  We had a little surprise gift from my neighbor who shared some of her birthday cake with us.  And, what better time to have it than after a nutritious morning breakfast *winks*

Naomi thought that it was a great idea ~ and so did Mikayla and I!

If you haven't heard Bill Cosby's "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast", do a search and have a good laugh!  And then have fun with your favorite kids *winks*


Children are a gift from the Lord.
Psalm 127:3a


  1. No wonder they enjoy coming to Grammy's so much :)

  2. mmmm....nothing better than a little bit of chocolate cake to get you goin in the mornin!

    my dad and bill cosby taught me well ;)

    and if all else fails (like this morning) substitute chocolate chip cookies!

  3. What fun that had to be! I haven't had breakfast yet, hmmm....

  4. Isn't that what Grandma's are for? Here it is chocolate chip pancakes.

  5. Grandma's are for spoiling!! On my grandkids birthdays my DD serves them cupcakes for breakfast. They love it. BTW, darling little girls.

  6. And what did their own mother give them after breakfast??? A cupcake. Not chocolate, though, so it paled in comparison to chocolate cake at Grammy's.

  7. lol I can see you girls enjoyed breakfast.

  8. "Dad is great - gives us chocolate cake!" And what are grammys for, if not to indulge the chocolate tooth (their own as well as the kidlets'!).

  9. memories - hehe - yep!

    Julie - we all did ;-)

    Absolutely, Terry!

    *passes Beantree some chocolate cake*

    LOL - Marlene - Mama and Daddy make very good chocolate chip pancakes. I get to have them when I go visit ;-)

    Thank you pfd =) Very fun idea!

    Totally, Carole =)

    Haha - too funny, Cynthia - it was homemade cake, too ;-) from Amanda.

    That we did, Pam ;-)

    Totally my theory, Karin =)

  10. What a gem of a grandma you must be!!

  11. new creationz - thanks! I sure do have a lot of fun with them =)


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