Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Never mind the secret to the universe... Just answer me this question:

How do I KNOW when it will snow or rain?

Last week - before the weekend - without looking at the weather report, I decided to go to the post office on Tuesday.  This would be the Tuesday in question...okay?  And yesterday I planned to go to the post office in the morning so that I would miss the now forecasted incoming storm...  okay???

So...  ummmm......
...my arrival at the post office... yeah... 
This is before I got out of my truck and went inside =p

....ummmm.... and now I am back in the truck, and,  yeah ~ those would be my footprints there...  ahuh...  oh yeah...

But, hey - with all the rain and snow, the road looks flat now.  It doesn't drive 'flat' but you can't see all the pot holes, sink holes, and caverns =p

And, yes, I am driving on the British side of the road.  I will sink up to my hub caps in mud on the American side of the road =p regardless of how flat that road looks!  roflol!

And the rest of the afternoon?  Yeah.  Sunny.  Like real sunshine!  Like a few clouds drifting through now and then...  and then SUN. 

But, hey - don't worry!  I can make it rain again in about five minutes.  Get out your rain report and get ready!  I am going outside to feed the critters *winks* and it is sure to start raining when I do that!  lol! 

Five minutes *grins* go get your rain gear!



  1. And, just for the record - it is now snowing like crazy =p just because I am going outside to feed the critters *roflol*

  2. Sounds like the weather we had hear yesterday. I woke up to snow on my deck this morning.

  3. LOL!
    I always say they sent the amateur weather-makers to my town. But you, you can make weather, too, and seem to be most proficient at it!

  4. Boy can I relate! Well, maybe not with the snow thing, but definitely with the rain thing! There I was, sitting in my office on the 26th floor, looking outside at the little splotches of sunshine, and BOOM - the mountains disappeared! Hey - where are the other buildings??? YIKES!!

  5. Please no rain for me! Great pictures though!

  6. lol - yeah, Marlene *winks* we have a corner on the 'weather market' I guess *winks*

    Splendid - I have marvelous timing! To stay dry, simply do not follow me around =p

    Whoa, Karin - yikes! We had some fog this afternoon - hehe, it wasn't raining at the time, so I was indoors *rolls eyes*

    Thanks, Joy *winks* we need the moisture, so I will hang on to our rain! lol!

  7. How funny! Around here it rains a lot in the winter but if it happens to be a clear day, it'll for sure rain when I go out to get the mail or to the grocery store. In the summer it'll rain when I wash my car.

  8. It sure seems like we can "make" it rain sometimes doesn't it! Just make plans to enjoy the outdoors and the rain will find out!

  9. Your watercolors are inspiring and you are very talented! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog and giving me the opportunity to see your work!

  10. There are many occasions when I feel like I, too, can make the rain come--just by attempting to run an errand or have fun with the kids outside!

  11. Funny, Beaded - lol - rain magnets - yep, that's what we are!

    Very true, memories *winks* maybe I will plan to stay inside =p

    The Glasers - I love following your blog - art is so healing! Thanks for stopping by =)

    So true, NICO - maybe we should just wear rain gear 24/7???

    *picks Ruthie up off the floor and props her by the window so she can watch the rain*

  12. LOL Looks like Alberta weather, it can be so hot, go in a mall come out 20 minutes and snow everywhere or tons of snow, go in a mall and a Chinook wipes it all out! LOVE Chinooks!

  13. roflol - I want the part that makes the snow go away! Can it take the cold with it, too???

  14. LOL Yes, Chinooks warm everything! That's why we love them!


  15. Wow! Handy weather to have, Pam ;-)


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