Thursday, March 4, 2010

More adventures with Super Truck!

Well, Super Truck has the 'Happy Seal of Approval' today =p
no car wash...
no new paint job...
no new tires...
no detailing...
no new uphostery...
no extra duct tape (though that should be next =p)

Just a new mechanic =)  I got a recommendation from a friend for a mechanic that is MUCH closer to my home - one that did not faint when I told them where I live - and one that gave me a ride back to my house and then came back to pick me up when the repairs were done!  Okay - so that probably isn't a big deal to most people, but *sheesh* one of the chimney sweep guys just said *where do you live???* *nobody goes out there*  roflol - needless to say, he did not get the invite to come explore Paulden or my chimney =p

So, new brakes (yeah, do need those), oil change, and new air filter (now why would anyone on a dirt road need one of those??? =p  *roflol*) and a bill for $437 later, Super Truck and I are rolling.

And, hey - that's way cheaper than a new truck *winks*
Current mileage reading?  235,874 and still truckin' =)  Woohoo! 

How are your 'wheels' doing?  Anybody besides me got a name for your vehicular transportation?  (ah - a name that you can share in polite company *winks*  hehe!)



  1. You should be in a commercial touting those super trucks with all that mileage! That wonderful to find a mechanic who actually took you home and came to pick you up! That one is a keeper for sure!

  2. We had a '93 Chevy that looks a lot like yours that had well over 200,000 miles on it too...we called him Midnight :)

  3. Years ago when I married my first husband we had an old (even for 1968) 1950 Oldsmobile, it had body work done, apparently many times as it was many different colors of primer. It was mostly green with yellow and red spots all over it. We called it "The Frog"

  4. Go Super Truck!!!
    No name for my car now, but in high school and my parents old blue Zephyr was referred to as the Dragon Wagon...or was it Draggin'? :P
    And the '79 Fiesta that got your feet wet when raining, but a cool moon roof...was the Silver Surfer...yes, everyone stood up & stuck their heads out...I shudder at the thought now.

  5. I've always liked "The Alleged Car", myself.:)

    May your vehicular luck hold!

  6. I was amazed, Beaded - didn't expect that I but was really happy not to sit around there all day =p

    yeah, memories - Super Truck is a '95 - been a good one!

    hehe - love that, Marlene!

    Funny, TiLT - Yeah, the things we did, huh?! *sheesh* when I was a kid, seat belts hadn't been invented... or air bags, or car seats, or indoor plumbing... well, maybe we had the plumbing *winks* I'm not THAT old! lol!

    Carapace - ROFLOL! Love it!

  7. A closer mechanic, that's great to have him on call! lol You may need him again one day!

  8. hehe, Pam - hopefully not in the too near future - lol - and hopefully only for regular maintenance! lol! Definitely nice to have once closer =)


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