Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little mud, a lot of computer, and a new web page soon!

*whew* Where was I yesterday??? Gadfry... my day exploded and then it imploded… and then I went to bed *laughs*

Exploded in mud… nice, huh?

You might recognize those as shoes if you look carefully at the little black strings hanging there… yeah. Those are shoe laces =p.

And this is just from what I *laughingly* call my garden.  Well, things do grow there and I have planted some of them - on purpose *winks* 

Never fear, though ~ I used my favorite trusty tool to attack that mud and then I had (reasonably) "nomal" chore shoes once again!  My trusty tool?  Check out my previous post, The best little Jim-Dandy gadget, to see what it is.

And then I landed on the computer and my day imploded...  I have been working on a web page for some time and getting things together to start a second blog so it was time to go get my domain name.  Now, I thought that would be a fairly simple thing...
  • First, I had to decide on a name.  okay...  got that...  I have two names.
  • Then I had to check to see if either and/or both were available...  okay - I had done a previous search - all clear there...
  • Then, I had to pick where to host my domain.  Gadfry.  My eyes were rolling around in my head and I had so many windows open that there had to be a virtual wind storm rolling through my computer.  After all was said and done - lots of options and lots of choices *rolls what's left of eyes* I picked GoDaddy.
  • Okay...  so how was I to know that after I picked the host that I was going to have to decide between all those options...  Snikies!
  • and read all those legal notes and snipits that you have to check out before you cyber sign the dotted cursor....
  • finally....  it was all done... and paid...
I could not believe how long it took *roflol*  Um...  could there be a little possible over researching here????  *lol* and I haven't even gotten the web page set up - but, hey, a gal does have to sleep sometime!  So the next step - or rather crash - was bed.

So how's your web page going???  Any great hints you would like to share to keep me sane while I do this???  Thanks!



  1. Kathy we have a website for our tree farm hosted by godaddy. I don't do much but change the prices once a year.

  2. Wow! that mud is amazing...yuky ducky.

    You sure are busy. You said a second blog...is i that or a website?

    What are you going to do on it?

  3. Marlene - I have heard good things about the reliability of GoDaddy as a web host - hehe - and they are located in Scottsdale. Too funny that they are that close to me!

    Carole - both. I have been working on a web page that would promote all that I am doing, and I am expanding a bit with a second blog which will have a different focus than this one. I hope to have the blogs, my etsy shop, and the web pages all linked together.

    And I hope to still have hair and fingernails when I am done =p *roflol*

  4. Oh - yeah, Carole - that mud is just about the same consistency of the adobe that they use to build houses. Usually the straw for them is just a little smaller and ground up a bit more that the grass and weeds on my shoes =p With all the mud around here, maybe I will build a little adobe hut out there =p

  5. Wow, that is some mud! I have a domain name that I paid for & haven't done a thing with it. It is daunting...

  6. dang..that doesn't even compare to what I wipe off my dogs feet after the back yard!

  7. Beth - it is a bit daunting, but there are some adaptable templates that I am going to use to start with. *laughs* hope I can figure them out! Nice thing with GoDaddy is that they have great tech help =p

    *roflol* rhino - dogs are on their own around here - lol - they want in, they wash their feet in a puddle =p plenty of them around here, too *laughs*

  8. Yikes! Look at that mud!
    And you've been a busy gal!

  9. Thanks, memories - and yeah, it was a lot of mud =p

  10. Wow that is a lot of mud, cute tool you have too! lol

    Can't wait to see your new website and blog. I haven't looked that much into domain names but GoDaddy has been recommended to me!

  11. Thanks, Pam =)
    I did hear a lot of good things about GoDaddy - and they are based in Scottsdale - only about two hours from me =)

  12. Thanks, Pam =)
    I did hear a lot of good things about GoDaddy - and they are based in Scottsdale - only about two hours from me =)


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