Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just a little country road maintenance - or lack of it!

sooooo.... I thought some mystery person had graded our little dirt road out here!  

Haha!  - nope, the sun just dried up most of the mud on the road. No worries, all the pot holes, divots, caverns and canyons are still there =p

You see, all these little gems are really deliberately left there.  Oh, yeah - my friend makes sure that her son-in-law fixes the road that joins ours, but he promises to leave our road alone.  Why?  Well, you see, these are the best home grown guaranteed to work country speed bumps you have ever seen!

See, there are two kinds of people out here - ones who have been down lots of slow roads, and ones who want to hurry up on every road.  We just want to make sure the 'hurry up' people slow down and enjoy the scenery *winks* and leave the dust on the road and not in the air *laughs* or in our homes =p

So the next time that you bump down a country road, enjoy the slow ride and take a look around.  Without all the dust from going fast, you can see lots of really cool stuff and have fun, too.  *hehe* My granddaughters like to sing and listen to their 'bumpy voices' *winks*  What do you like to do for fun on those off the beaten path bumpy country roads?  *roflol*  I like to drive all over the road to miss the big divots - provided that traffic (the other three people out that day *winks*) allows me to do that.

Happy Trails to you!


  1. As our snow is melting and the roads are getting softer, they are starting to look like that too :) It's really rough for the kids in the back of the school bus!

  2. I have been on a few roads like that in my life and enjoyed the scenery on every one of them, while hanging on to anything that would stablize me from being jostled to death.

  3. yes, that's some road! Seen my share too... though I live in town. Used to have property "out in the country."

  4. Don't drive on roads like that normally. The exception is on vacation when we like to go off-roading. The it's totally "enjoy the scenery" time!

  5. Yeah the road makes for a rough ride after the rain =p
    I have to admit I go slow, enjoy the scenery, and try to hang on as well.
    LOL - no school buses out here, though - hehe - the kids walk over the caverns or through them if it's wet ;-)

  6. We live on a half gravel/half dirt road :) The dirt road is nice for a cruise around the section with our dog Harley :)

  7. Yeah, memories - my driveway is gravel =) the road is totally dirt... when it is not mud =p

  8. oooohhhh, that is a little rough..I thought mine was bad. LOL

  9. LOL - Carole - we specialize in rough roads out here!

    Thanks, Ruthie ;-)


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