Sunday, March 28, 2010

I think this deal belongs on the roof... just saying...

Yep...  this would be the cap to the pipe for my wood stove.  Guess I won't be burning any wood for a while now.  And I guess I won't call that chimney sweep again, either =p  *growls*

And now, ladies and gentlemen - we pause for a word from our Sponsor because it is time for an attitude adjustment for Kathleen - a little spiritual chiropractic, if you will!

Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! 
Praise the Lord! 
Psalm 150:6

Ahem.  Okay.  *clears throat*  yes.  well....  There is a lot to be thankful for here even though I know that I can't get on the roof to fix this.  Also, it means no wood fires until it's fixed *gasp* I will have to use the expensive gas heat.  And, there is, as you can see, quite a bit of 'dentage' going on here...

But, check out all of the good stuff about this little accident!
  • I did not have a roaring fire going at the time.  I had run to town, so I had let the fire go out - that meant no sparks could land on the roof or anywhere else.
  • With all the wind we had, this gizmo could have been blown into the next county - or through a neighbor's window, or crashed into livestock, or...
  • This big clunking chunk of metal could have landed on one of my little dogs.  Both of them are just fine!
  • Even though the pipe cap has a lot of dents, I think it is still usable - and all of the parts are there.
  • My neighbor (who still doesn't run away when I call him to fix stuff) will climb on the roof and fix this for me for a plate of cookies =)  Nice to have a contractor who lives next door.  I may have to make them brownies, too, for this one ;-) Lorie will make him eat them all *laughs* but I don't think Tim will mind.  Beats a huge fix-it bill!
  • I know that the chimney sweep I called is definitely not one I will call again.  This event answered that question clearly.  And, nope, I am not calling him to fix this.  Who knows what he would do up there =p
  • I have gas heat as well as wood heat (and a couple of little electric heaters) so I will not freeze my tuchus off!
Do you remember the old Haley Mills movie, Pollyanna?  Do you remember the 'glad game'?  Well, I guess this is sort of like that.  When that stuff happens, I just stop and remember Who is in charge of everything - and I start looking for the good stuff.

Otherwise I would get really cranky and you wouldn't want to come by and say 'hi'!  *winks* It would get really boring here without all of you!!!



  1. At first I thought it was an engine from a passing plane so it's not nearly as bad as I pictured! Glad your neighbor can fix it for you!

  2. It was fortunate as you pointed out that you didn't have a fire going at the time.

    Good thing cookies or brownies will do the trick for fixing it.

  3. Ha Ha! Thank you for that lesson in positivity! So glad you're OK

  4. hehe - you should have seen me checking this out in the dark *roflol* I wasn't sure WHAT it was =p animal, vegetable or mineral *lol*

    Oh, so very true, Juana! I have really nice neighbors =)

    Thanks, Julie =) God sure does watch over me! PTL!

  5. This just proves the theory that baked goods will indeed fix just about anything! Glad no one was hurt in the testing of this theory!

  6. You have more things happen to your place, you have a little black cloud over your head??

    It is almost depressing on how positive you can be all of the time.....LOL

    Wonder what the next catastrophe will be?

    I will be back. :)

  7. Roflol - totally, Karin!

    *ack* I never ask what will be next, Carole *laughs* I just trust the Lord and keep on truckin' *winks*


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