Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day =)

Yep.  Today is National Pi Day.
No, not Pie Day.
Pi Day!
What?  You never heard of National Pi Day?

Well.  It happens on this date every year.  What's up there - you out in Paulden or something?  You know - like, way out there where the newspapers don't go and nobody ever heard of TV?

Check this out!
Wikipedia knows about National Pi Day ~

and Pi Day knows about Pi Day (one would hope so!) ~

Yeah ~ National Pi Day *3.14*  Get it?  March 14!   hehe ~ the only day of the year that Pi r square *laughs*

Okay - that was worse than bad.  I admit.  I also admit that until a couple of days ago, I was totally ignorant that there was a National Pi Day.

But I did know another great 3.14 ~

I press on toward the goal for the prize
of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 
Philippians 3:14

So Happy 3:14
and Happy National Pi Day

(see more numerical stuff about Pi here ~ )

Now that you have enjoyed your pi ~ go have some pie!


  1. I remember in high school our science teacher brought in pie on Pi day. And our math teacher talked about it too.

  2. LOL, I have a maths geek for a husband so if we lived in the States I'm sure he would have been celebrating like mad!

    Great Bible verse you included too. :)

  3. Funny, Liz - this is the first year I remember hearing about it! lol!

    Deb - funny - maybe he can get one going where you are. Of course, here we also have National Pickle Day - among a few million others *laughs* Thanks - I love that verse =)

  4. Didn't know about this...but 3-14 is the perfect date for it...LOL!

  5. Ha Ha! One of my son's is into Maths big time - I'll pass on this info to him so he can celebrate next year - he likes eating too!

  6. My 8 year old told me that it was pi day. He was excited about it. He can rattle off many, many of the digits of pi and thinks it's really cool. I'll have to show him this.

  7. woots to pi day!!! My son thinks it should be a holiday :P

  8. Pi,Pye,Pie, all looks good and delicious to me. Linda:)

  9. Hooray! Another celebrator of Pi day!! in High school we always got to eat pie, because my math teacher was pretty awesome. He had pi written along the top of his wall like a border... I think it was well into the 200th digit.

    P.S. That cheese cake looks yummy!

  10. Oh, and I missed a chance to celebrate!

    You got me looking up other 3:14 Bible verses. Actually, a rather fun thing to do.

  11. *roflol* We never had pie on Pi day at school *laughs* maybe that's why I don't remember it being a day to 'celebrate' ~ you had some cool teachers!

    And, totally yes!, Let's celebrate with pie AND coffee *winks* while Sue's 8 year shares some of the 'rest of the numbers' after 3.14!

    um... note I said just SOME, okay *winks*

  12. Splendid - I found lots of cool ones, too =) Guess we could do that with any date and have some fun!

  13. Amazing....there is a day for everything. :)

  14. Happy belated Pi day - and great verse :)

  15. I missed Pi day??????? Sheesh! And I call myself a mathematician!!!! Maybe I'm not as nerdy as I thought!

    Thanks for the reminder . . .

  16. Boy isn't that the truth, Carole =p

    Thanks, Ruthie!

    roflol - Glasers - too funny! My brother-in-law (total math geek) didn't know about it either!


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