Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goooad Mooorning Pauldennnn! Rise and Shine!

I defy anyone who wakes up to this right outside their bedroom window at, I might add, the actual and literal *crack of dawn*, to, with a straight face, say ~

"I love the quiet country life!"

hey!  did you feel your computer shake?
oh, my...  yeah - I think mine did...
Oh, wait - I know what that was...  it was my daughter.  Yeah - the thought of waking up to guinea fowl - well, not so much her favorite thing.  Um... do you suppose that it had something to do with the 5:00 AM wake up call on her wedding day a few years ago?
Yeah, darlin' daughter - here are nine of our twelve little birdies all lined up and singing a chorus for me.  If you search the internet you will find lots of places where you can listen to their rather, um..., musical? operas!  You know you miss that sweet little call *winks*
Okay - well, now I have to ~ 
  1. figure out a way to dig myself out of the big hole I just dug by teasing my dear daughter so much...
  2. repair my computer from the definite shaking that it just received from my sweet, sensitive, lovely, wonderful, excellent daughter...  "who is practically perfect in every way" *winks*
  3. and, go and get some sleep so that I will be ready for tomorrow morning's aria!
*ducks and runs from the room* 
(or should that be  *guineas and runs from the room*???)


  1. I'm up at the crack of dawn every day whether I want to be or not. They look so cute though - all lined up!
    Have a great week!

  2. LOL, They are quite fun birds actually. Great picture.

  3. I've been waking up to birds singing. Don't remember that happening a week ago! Must be the nicer weather!

  4. Your pictures make me want a farm!

  5. Audrey - most of the time I am up early ;-) They are really fun birds!

    I agree, Marlene - they are fun! Thanks =)

    Story - we have a lot more going through here now, too - very nice!

    Aw, thanks, Beth =) It's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun =)

  6. Whenever I need a good laugh...I know where to come :)
    You crack me up Kathy :)

  7. Smiling at the memories. Grandma had guineas, while we had "only" chickens. And rabbits, and a goat or two, and hogs! Farming is NOT quiet, is it? Oh, and a dog, and cats. Skunks, too, but they were quiet, except when they were playing, "Let's scare the human!" by slapping the kitchen floor with their little hands, lol.

  8. I LOVE to hear guineas, but my husband says No! He doesn't say no to me much, he just doesn't like to hear them. So for now I get to hear my rooster and hens, which I also think are great. A good friend has guineas, and likes to tease my husband , so one day I may get my wish when a pair (or more!) just "show up" at our house!

  9. Thanks, memories *winks* just sharing the fun!

    Oh my - Anitra - did you have skunks as pets??? How funny - I hear they are a lot like kitties ;-) Yes - it is NOT quiet around here - but it is a lot of fun.

    Hey, Beantree - remind him of what great little 'buggers' they are! I have hardly seen any grasshoppers since we got them! woohoo! And we used to have EVERY variety of them - and not much garden =p

  10. Have to share what my daughter wrote on facebook about this blog post - still has me laughing!

    Yeah, I just read your blog. Let the world know, I didn't strangle, shoot, or otherwise maim a single one of those guineas at 5 am on my wedding day.

    Nope, she did not! *roflol*

  11. LOL I wouldn't want to be woken that early either!

  12. Especially not on your wedding day =p lol!


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