Friday, March 5, 2010

Funtry Friday - haha - found another funny mail box!

Amazing the variety of "targets" that are provided out here =p  This one has wheels - all the better to make an escape, I suppose!  roflol!

Just thought I would share a bit of country fun with you =)



  1. I love that people get creative with their mailboxes - and I have seen some very creative ones! Thanks for sharing the ones around your area!

  2. Fun Mailbox, we have some creative ones around here also, might be a good theme for a challenge?

  3. We have a lot shaped like tractors where I live.
    But I like this homemade one better :)

  4. I love funny mailboxes. That is so cute. See you have more, by your "You might also like" Oh Fun!

  5. It's really fun to see what will be next, Karin - I think the folks on the corner are really getting into a little competition there ;-)

    hehe - what a great idea, Marlene =)

    very fun, memories! Thanks =)

    I love them, too, story - and I am on the lookout for more!

  6. LOL!! Now I want one! Our mailboxes are right outside the gate, and there are five of them. (We have rentals.) Wonder what the DH would do if he came home and they all looked like semi-trailers. You know, you could get little license plates for the names....

  7. roflol - Anitra - I love it! and personalized little logos on the sides - oh, yeah!

  8. That mailbox is really GOING places :)

  9. Totally, Angel - too funny!

    Thanks, Splendid - I am keeping my eyes open for more of these little gems =p

  10. Creative people out here, Pam!


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