Friday, March 26, 2010

Funtry Friday - Country Give-Away Fun!

Want to have a little country fun this Funtry Friday?  How about a little give-away?  Okay - but!  You have to play a little game with me, too *winks*

At one time I had sixty chickens (which equals a lot of fertilizer, in case you were wondering!) but now I have six little chickens.  I love having chickens because they are so much fun to watch.  And, yes (no big surprise here!) I love to hear the rooster in the morning!  (noon, evening and midnight =p  Wake them up and they crow!  no kidding - hehe)  Oh, but I was going to tell you how to play...

Okay ~ here are my little chickies ~
One day this week all of my hens layed an egg.  Now, you may think that all eggs look alike, but they don't.  I can actually tell you which hen laid which egg because they are all a little bit different!  So, here is the game:  match the egg to the hen!  Here are the eggs ~
If you make a guess, you will be entered into a drawing for some free fun artwork by me!  Each time you post on my blog this week will give you one entry into the drawing.  You don't have to get the right answer to win the drawing ~ but!  The first person to post the correct matches for all of the eggs, will win an additional prize!!!

And, just to give you a little help, here ~ Penne, the pea hen, does not have an egg in there - even though she did want to play.  Pea hens lay their eggs seasonally - like geese do - and it isn't time for her to lay any eggs yet.  And, anyway - she is not a chicken regardless of what she thinks.

Um, and don't guess that chicken E laid any eggs.  Buddy has never laid an egg, but then I don't know any roosters who have.  Fortunately.

You have until midnight Arizona time next Thursday, April 1, to make your guesses and post comments to win.  (Yeah, yeah - I know - April Fools day - but, no foolin', by midnight that day no more guesses will be added into the give-away!)  On the next Funtry Friday, April 2, I will post the answers and the winner(s). 

Happy Funtry Friday Fun!


  1. You are so clever, Kathy.

    B laid light brown egg
    c laid brown egg #!
    A laid brown egg #2
    D laid green egg #2
    F laid green egg #1

  2. There must be a trick as only 5 eggs so which is the rooster?

    My guess is:
    A laid Brown egg 1
    B laid Green egg 1
    C laid Lt brown egg
    D laid Brown egg 2
    F laid Green egg 2

  3. This would be easier if I could clearly see their wobbles or ear lobes, but I will take a shot at it after I get home. I am supposed to be working right now - but actually I took my lunch break late!

  4. I have chickens and I love them, I also love to hear the rooster crow!
    i'm only going to make one guess, little lady C looks like an Aracuna, I used to have a couple of those beautiful birds and they laid green eggs. And I'd say B laid the big brown egg.

  5. Thanks for playing along =) Love the guesses - but I'm not sayin' if any are right ;-)

    I will say, that Mr. Buddy, the rooster, is chicken E - he lays no egges ;-)

  6. BackyardNaturePhotosMarch 27, 2010 at 6:35 AM

    Here are my wild guesses.
    A. brown egg 1
    B. green egg 1
    C. brown egg 2
    D. lt. brown
    F. green egg 2

  7. Thanks for playing, Backyard =)

    Okay - all your answers have been recorded!

  8. LOL Kathy, this is so funny! What a cute way to do a giveaway! OK here are my guesses although I have NO IDEA! ha ha ha

    Chicken A - Green Egg 1
    Chicken B - Light Brown Egg
    Chicken C - Brown Egg 1
    Chicken D - Brown Egg 2
    Chicken F - Green Egg 2

  9. just curious--do you eat the pea hen eggs?

    OK. It would be total guessing for me since I have NO idea!
    A brown egg 2
    B light brown egg
    C green egg 1
    D green egg 2
    F brown egg 1

  10. LOL - Pam, I just couldn't resist!

    Yes, Splendid - we do eat both the pea hen and the guinea eggs. The pea hen and the guineas lay their eggs seasonally rather than all the time like the chickens. I should say, we eat them if we find the nest and know that they are fresh =p

  11. What a fun game :) Here's my guesses:

    A=Brown Egg #2
    B=Green Egg #2
    C=Brown Egg #1
    D=Light Brown Egg
    E=He sure is pretty!
    F=Green Egg #1

    Hmmmm...those were complete guesses...LOL!

  12. hehe - okay, memories =) Your guess are in the pile!

  13. Hi, I surfed on over from Marlene's blog. It was hard for me not to read the other comments on egg/chicken guesses! Here's my guesses:
    A=1 green
    B=light brown
    C=2 green
    D=2 brown
    E=trick question he doesn't lay eggs
    F=1 brown

    heh, this is the best giveaway because of the quiz! fun!

  14. I think the Pea laid all of them.

  15. Thanks Jam! Glad you had fun ;-) and, yep - He doesn't lay eggs - fortunately! lol!

    Love it, Martha ;-) That's one talented pea hen! lol!


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