Monday, March 8, 2010

Dizzy today??? Take a spin on Etsy with the Featured Etsy Blogger for March!

Keeping up with the Featured Etsy Blogger for March will make you dizzy because Vicki is one busy lady!

Of course, Vicki of Dizzy Dragonflies has a blog - Knitting Dragonflies.  Don't miss the chance to check out her blog and see exactly how she prepares and dyes her lovely yarn.  Oh, my!

I love her yarn in her Dizzy Dragonflies Etsy shop.

Oh - this is so pretty and warm!  I love the color - she calls this one "Spicy Mama" hehe - love her names for her colors, too.

And this one is called Spring Green - ahhhhh - spring!  She has defintely supplied a dash of spring here.

Have fun visiting Vicki all over the place - lol - like I said - she is one busy gal!

And here's Vicki's Plurk:


And Ravelry:



  1. she's got some great colors, eh? cute blog post!

  2. Very yummy colors in that yarn. I do love fiber, and not in my cereal.

  3. Thanks for the post and kind words. I love your drawings! Especially your horses! I have a friend who is a horse lover with a birthday coming up!

  4. Oooooo.....yummy yarn! And just last night I bought some circular needles at D&I Beads (60% off, no less!)......hmmmmmmm

  5. Thanks, story - I love her yarn colors! They are so vibrant.

    hehe - funny, Marlene!

    Ruthie - they are great, aren't they!

    Thanks, Vicki =) I appreciate your kind comments. Glad you liked the post!

    It does, doesn't it Splendid!

    Ooooo - Karin, D&I Beads??? I have not been there *gasp* don't tell me where they are *roflol* I don't need to get into more mischief! lol!

  6. me, too, memories! so vibrant!

  7. Cool colors! I can see a lot of people having fun with her yarn!

  8. Totally, Pam - I love the vibrant colors!


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