Monday, March 29, 2010

Awww - How nice! I was given the Sunshine Award!

Thank you to Linda (Artwolf) for giving me this very fun award!  Have fun visiting Linda's blog, The Briar Rose Gate and find out what her answers were, too.
And now, I am passing on this uplifting award to the blogs listed below as a thank you for sharing the Sunshine you create for others!

~Here are the Sunshine Award Guidelines~
1) Please thank the person who gave the award to you.
2) Copy the award and place it in your blog.
3) Link back to the person who nominated you.
4) Name 6 things that no one would really know, about yourself.
5) Nominate your Sunshine Award bloggers and post links to their blogs.
6) Leave a comment on each of those blogs letting them know you have nominated them for the Sunshine award.

Carole ~ Art Plus
Pam ~ Always Artistic
Marlene ~ Marlene's Musings
Angel, Isabella, and Sadie (and Mommy and Daddy) at BeadedTail
Melody at Mama's Little Ditty
Anastasia at Matt's Crafty Wife

And now *tada* here are six whacky facts about me that you probably don't know (and you may not want to know)!
  1. I always wear shoes - real shoes, not sandles.  I don't quite hate going barefoot - but I come really close to it.
  2. I don't use shampoo and I don't use toothpaste.  Check out Rose of Sharon Acres great tooth chips and shampoo bars and you will know why!
  3. I would much rather write with a good pencil than a ball point pen.  ...and I am a little bit of a pencil snob...  No, I am a huge pencil snob =p
  4. I won't watch an R rated movie no matter how good you say the movie is.  I haven't liked any that I have seen, so I don't bother watching them anymore.
  5. I recycle, reuse, and feed critters so much stuff that I cancelled my garbage service.  I only have one tiny bag of garbage about every three weeks.  This is, of course, assuming that I have not gone on a sorting and cleaning rampage.  Then it may be time for a 'dump run'.
  6. I have my gall stones.  In a jar.
TMI?  Maybe - but hope you had a little bit of fun learning some funky things about me *winks*

Have a great week - and remember, any comments on any of my blog posts this week will enter you into my fun give-away!  Details are ---- here ----



  1. Ha Ha! I shall see that horse avatar on the CAST thread in a completely new light now!!

  2. First, Thank you. Fun to know facts even though we are almost opposites, I hate shoes, I rather write with a pen, I prefer movies that are not r rated but have seen some good ones minus the language. Oh well opposites attract so they say.

  3. Now see, I knew about the shoe thing - but I didn't know you were using natural products for cleaning teeth and hair. I'll bet you still brush your tongue though (I do!)!!

  4. Congrats, certainly deserve this one..:)

  5. Oh, Julie - did I tarnish my image? *winks*

    LOL - indeed they do, Marlene =)

    LOL - Karin - sometimes, but Cynthia is a fanatic about it.

    Thanks, Carole =)

  6. Thank you for the award! Great to learn a bit more about you! LOL Don't like pens, I love pens!

  7. are wacky!!!...LOL Just kidding. :) Actually I prefer to write with pencils too but rarely do. My handwriting is better in pencil. Thanks for the award.

  8. Congrats on your award and thank you for thinking of me! It was fun to learn more about you and sure not what I would have guessed! I can't find a pencil I like so maybe you could give pointers!

  9. You are welcome, Pam! lol - yeah, I know - weird that I don't like pens. It is however mostly confined to ball point pens =p

    You are welcome, Carole - and yes, I KNOW I am whacky =p But so far they haven't hauled me away ;-p

    Beaded - thanks and you're welcome =) I love a really good mechanical pencil with a fine lead - that's my favorite! From there, it goes to a nice *sharp!* drawing pencil. LOL - I could write a blog post about my favorite pencils =p hehe!


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