Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday's Words - Just LOVE bad grammar =p

Hey, okay - when I write my blog posts *winks* I write just like I talk =)  And, sometimes - you just have to brace yourself (seriously) for all kinds of (well sort of) misused words... and sad grammar...  kind of... 

But, check out this!  I have found a great web site to help me get my words all back in the right places and doing the right stuff.  Check this out!

Seriously - these are true and hysterical.  I LOVE (thank you February Fun for the *month of love* hehe) this one ~

2. Never use a preposition to end a sentence with. Winston Churchill, corrected on this error once, responded to the young man who corrected him by saying "Young man, that is the kind of impudence up with which I will not put!

And, if you have read my blog for a while - you KNOW how much I need to read this one =p

44. Avoid going out on tangents unrelated to your subject -- not the subject of a sentence -- that's another story (like the stories written by Ernest Hemingway, who by the way wrote the great fisherman story The Old Man and the Sea).

Okay - go check out that web site - and, after you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing so hard  - come back here and tell me which your favorite one was.  That is, if you can pick just one favorite!

Have fun!

PS and if you do that - you will be entered into my great give-away!  Check out the details --- here ---  All you have to do is post a comment =)


  1. Very funny - Loved them all but two of my favs are:
    7. Be more or less specific.
    29. Puns are for children not groan readers.

  2. 20. The passive voice is to be ignored. Okay, does that mean the voices in my head (parenthetically speaking!)??

    They are all TOO funny, and all too true in some instances. Okay, I guess I need to go back to Mrs. Carpenter's class, huh......sigh.

  3. 9. Also too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies endlessly over and over again

  4. Good ones, Marlene =p

    Thanks, matts!

    Hey, Karin - maybe this is why I had a very short-lived time on the annual staff =p

    angel *winks* unless of course you need to use them over and over again!

  5. Guess I just learnt that I ain't never been at grammer!!! ...

    38. Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

  6. what about bookmark?! lol
    Mine end with a lot of {:-D

  7. I'm a totally tangential writer! And talker for that matter... It's so hard for me to stay on topic!

  8. LOL! Those are fantastic!

    But these two are my favorites:

    6. Also, always avoid annoying alliteration.

    *ahem* I might be guilty of this. But I LOVE alliteration!

    9. Also too, never, ever use repetitive redundancies endlessly over and over again.

    *This message brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. And #3 is one I do quite often! And it's one I really don't have a problem with! (#2) I don't take exception to #37. It is the best rule of all!

  11. roflol - Tulips =p love it!

    storybeader - =) yeah and =D hey - maybe we are grammar exempt =p

    totally, matts ;-)

    Topic? Rose, what's a topic? is that like topigraphical? or a graphic? I saw a cool cartoon once...

    roflol, Ash - I love that department - I think we could come up with some other ones, too =p

    roflol - Splendid - I agree, #37 rocks ;-)

  12. Fun stuff here for a retired English teacher. LOL

  13. Thought you might like this, Carole *winks*


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