Saturday, February 20, 2010

Virtual pARTy - Percy - Very different style for me - What do you think???

I love doing the Virtual pARTy paintings - check out their blog for all the details of the fun!  Basically they post a photo and you have 24 hours to complete a painting based on the photo.  I, of course, always have something going on in my life which brings my 24 hours down to more like 8 or less hours =p  *ack*

Hey - last time I took photos while I painted - this time I didn't even have time for that!  roflol! 

I wanted to do a different style than I usually do, too - just for fun.  What do you think of Percy?  This is the 'whole enchilada'...

...but I was thinking that it might look good cropped...  (though maybe not cropped quite as much as this photo...)

What do you think?

In any case, it was lots of fun to do and I think I will do more like this.  I used four colors and some white gouache - a very limited palette for me - and LOTS of water - very 'soupy' painting.  The full size is about 9 inches by 7.5 inches and it is on 140 pound cold press archival watercolor paper with artist grade watercolors. 

And, yep, this will be listed for sale - but you can give me a shout if you want and I will get this little boy right out to you ;-)



  1. I totally love the way you did yours. Its very minimal and very nicely done. I cant wait to see everyone eles. Im, unfortuantely unable to do anything but read the form for some reason although we finally got the email worked out. I emailed mine last night and posted it to my blog tonight. I guess we have to wait to see them all. =0)

  2. I really like this. Nice fluid style. The crop is good too but I like the original more.

  3. It looks great cropped! The eye is definitely the focus, so it brings it to life even more :)

  4. Love it both ways but think I like the crop better. Wonderful painting.

  5. Thanks, Anastasia =)

    LL - I always look forward to seeing what everyone does, too. Amazing to see the different 'takes' on the same photo!

    Thank you, Splendid =)

    Thanks, Graceful - I really liked using lots of water and keeping this one very fluid =)

    Thanks, memories - I want to do more paintings that focus on the eye. Horse's eyes are so expressive!

    Thanks, Marlene =)

    Thanks, Dora =)

  6. I like this, I like the whole image better than the crop. very fluid.

  7. Thanks Beantree =)

    I think I am going to keep the original as the full size image and then make prints that are cropped =) Ah, the best of both worlds!!!

  8. Wonderful Kathy, your a star. Linda:)

  9. I like it - and I love the colors! I would choose cropped, but not as cropped as the sample.

  10. Thanks, Linda - this was a VERY fun photo to work with! Makes me want to do more of him ;-)

    I agree, Karin - I think the close up is a bit too cropped... Think I will play with a slightly larger image for the prints.

  11. It's beautiful! Light, fresh. airy and uncontrived, sometimes simple can be the most complex to acheive. Nicely done. :)

  12. Thank you, Deb - I really enjoyed doing this 'juicy' wet in wet technique!

    Thanks, Carole =) glad you like it!

  13. Thanks, Pam - I really enjoyed doing this one!


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