Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Silly Day Fun

So, when you hand a camera to a three year old (just because you LOVE her *winks* and are carrying on the February Fun of sharing that love!) exactly what do you think she will take a picture of?  (wow - now there's a collection of bad grammer faux pas if I ever saw them =p  perhaps I should deal with that!  roflol!  hehe - later...)

Well, here's the top of the list...  Her little jacket which I made for her Mama - the one that her big sister wore a few years ago...

A close up shot of her finger...  I am sure this photo was a deliberate attempt at abstract photography from this brilliant child!

A self portrait...  Yes, I definitely think she is heading towards abstract art!  Her drawings seem to indicate that, too *winks*

Now, I wonder where she gets that creative bent to photograph the unusual...

Oh!  That last one would be a portrait of Naomi by Grammy.  Um...  of Naomi's cute little toes *winks*

Hey - what are cameras for if not to have a little fun!  And, since my grandchildren are among the top blessings in my life that I LOVE - I just had to share a little fun with Naomi.

This is the 'month of love' where we have Valentine's Day to let people know we love them.  I shared one of my favorite people - who do you count as a special blessing in your life?

I count you!


  1. Naomi has sweet little toes! How fun to see the world through the eyes of a 3 year old! I hope you continue to give her the camera.
    blessings in my life--family, friends, little furry creatures.

  2. What fun to share with your Granddaughter. My blessing are all my family and friends including my cyber friends and of course my Daisy.

  3. HAHA love the finger one - and the toesies!

  4. Awww, very special. See, I'm easy to please too!

  5. Cute photos - I think she is practicing to be an otolaryngologist/photographer. My special blessingers (is that a word?) are my family (two and four-legged) and friends (also two and four-legged variety), including you, Kathy!

  6. Everyone needs to have fun :) I count my parents and my sister as a blessing. And all my critters too ;)

  7. Photography through the view finder of a child. I'm smiling--great entry!

  8. Splendid - what wonderful blessings - and, no worries! I love to let the kids take pictures - hehe - it's one of our 'Grammy' things to do =)

    Very fun, Marlene!

    Thanks, matts =)

    Tulips - thank you =)

    Aw, thanks, Karin =) I think we should go and pencil that word in the dictionary *winks* nice one!

    Rose - glad it made you smile ;-)

    Very true, angel!

    Thanks, Anitra - and she was so VERY deliberate about what she took a picture of, too! Well... not so much the finger =p

  9. Thanks, pink - I am very partial to this little cutie ;-)

  10. Thanks, Carole - Naomi had a blast and so did I =)

  11. So cute! Kids can have lots of fun with cameras!


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