Monday, February 22, 2010

Mud Boggin' Monday

Well... it's muddy.  Slushy.  Cold.  Windy.  Perfect weather for mud boggin'...  and not much else!

"But this weather is soooo messin' with my 'do'!"

"phtzzzz!  Enough, already!  Make it stop!"

How's the weather where you are?  Is it messin' with your 'do', too?

Blessings and a warm fire ~


  1. Hee hee, you guys are funny! It's been sunny and warm here but the rains return tomorrow and will be here for at least a week. Messes us all up cause there's no sunbeams to lay in and no walks to be taken. Hope your weather improves soon!

  2. If I had horses I'd probably have them living in the basement during the winter...LOL!
    We even spoil our outside kitties and let them inside when it gets cold :)

  3. The white horse - says it all. Our rain returns today just as we got used to the sun.

  4. Rain and snow today. I am looking forward to Spring and getting rid of colds.

  5. Sunny and bright today - yesterday we did get more glorious rain (um, that is what they call it when water falls out of heaven, right??). Karin in The Valley of The Sun

  6. What is mud boggin?

    Sunny today. Waiting for a workman to come and stop a leak in glass that was installed.

  7. If you think we're funny, Beaded =p you should see Cookie and Lova! They look really funny in the mud.

    Memories - I remember a house attached to a barn that I saw pictures of *smiles and dreams* lol!

    Marlene ~ We had a lovely sunny day today! Mud is only three inches deep now =p

    NICO - totally!!!

    Yes, Noah - I mean Karin - that is what they call the wet stuff that falls out of the sky... Yeah - I remember warm rains, too =p roflol!

    ewie, Carole - hope your leak got fixed!
    hehe - I think I will have to blog about mud boggin' *winks*

  8. The weather is so yucky here! Love the horse pictures. :)

  9. Thanks, Jennifer - ours has gotten a little bit better over the last few days! *happy smile*

  10. Your horses are beautiful in any weather! Love your captions!

  11. Thanks, Pam - the captions really fit their personalities! lol!


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