Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More tales from the woodpile!

Wow - look at this scene of a pueblo civilization ~

No - wait a minute - I think it's some fantasy world from outer space ~

I mean, really! what are all these creatures doing?

Okay - hehe - no - it's really just another incredible wonder in the woodpile!  Somehow that makes it even more amazing to me =) 

So what does this look like to you?



  1. We had wall paper in one of our bathrooms when I was growing up that had shapes on it. I would always "see" different things it in...kind of like looking at clouds :)

  2. It's a cave on the side of a mountain.
    Very cool wood you have there :)

  3. I don't know what I see, I will have to study it. I think my imagination left when the crud arrived. I have been coughing and have a headache for 3 days now.

  4. It looks like a flower! It's amazing that there are curved forms in the middle of the straightness of the wood.

  5. memories - I did that with the texture of the paint on my walls when I was a kid. Um... yeah, I still do it now *laughs*

    Thanks, Audrey =)

    Marlene - hope and pray you feel better fast! ugh!

    Linda - it's really beautiful in person - I love the contrast of the soft curves and the hard edges.

  6. Okay - the Blog ate my post. Weird. I posted the other day that the second pic reminded me of "Virtual Percy" and the bloggie gremlins ate my post! Anyway, cool wood pics - and the second one still reminds me of Virtual Percy.

  7. roflol - don't feel bad, Karin ~ that has happened to me many times =p Naughty blog muncher! Wow - that does look like Percy! cool!

  8. Too funny, if I had my 250 gallon aquarium I had 15 years ago it would look beautiful in there! errr maybe just part of it! lol

  9. Um... 250 gallon aquarium???? Wow!

  10. Yup, we had a 250 gallon and a 200 I think, the 250 flooded 3 floors of an apartment building we lived in, long story! LOL But it was beautiful before that! *winks*

  11. haha - and I thought our 25 gallon aquarium was large!


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