Monday, February 15, 2010

Kids and Art and Fun!

When Mikayla and Naomi come to visit, I always like to do some kind of art or craft with them.  It's fun to see the world of creativity through their eyes!
This time we played with rubber stamps.  We colored the stamps with waterbased markers and printed little color pictures.  They loved that!  If you decide to do this project with kids, try to use smaller sized rubber stamps because the larger ones are too hard for them to make this work.

We also played with making some of our own 'rubber stamps'.  I cut up a piece of styrofoam (from a package of meat) into small squares.  You could cut them into any shape you wanted and that would be fun, too.  Then I gave each girl a pencil and told them to draw whatever they wanted.  In no time at all they were getting creative and poking holes and making dot to dot pictures.  When they were done, I glued a little 'handle' of another thick piece of styrofoam on the back of the handmade stamp.  We had to let the glue dry, but using a quick dry all purpose glue made that go fairly fast.  Then we inked them with my stamp pad ink and printed them.  The results were really fun!

Using 'washable markers' made this project fairly 'laundry safe'.  The only permanent ink was the stamp pad ink, so I helped the three year old ink her homemade stamp.  The six year old had it all under control.  Of course, she is running for president of the world next week, so no big surprise that she could ink her own  homemade stamp =p

Both girls really enjoyed this project enough to make more than one homemade stamp and to print and color several images.  All in all, I think this was a lot of fun and we will probably do it again =)  Give it a try!  I think this would work great for older kids, too.

Happy creating!

PS   I have also seen the styrofoam used in a larger size for blockprinting.  Cut the styrofoam the size you want, draw your image onto the styrofoam, and then ink it with block printing ink and print.  EasyPeasy!  and really cheap =)

A side note:  As with all block printing, remember that your words will be reversed when you print so you have to draw them backwards to have them print frontwards.


  1. What fun that is! I help with the Wednesday night kids' Bible study at church and we always incorporate a craft into the study. It is such a blessing to be part of that creativity that flows from these young ones. You gave me a great idea for the next project - we will definitely be incorporating some block printing. Maybe potato printing - remember that?

  2. Fun with the Grandkids, what can be better?

  3. It was lots of fun, Cassie =)

    Karin - I remember doing the potato prints as a kid and as a Girl Scout leader - very fun!

    Totally true, Marlene ;-)

    Oh, Anastasia - it was a blast!!!

  4. Looks like a really fun time and creating of memories for you and the grandchildren.
    Peace, Judi

  5. How cute and great ideas! I'm off to create with my grandkids today - my 2 year old grand-daughter is a major glitter fiend.

  6. Both of mine are, too. I briefly thought about glitter with this project, but it was too cold to take the glitter outside... so I chickened out =p

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all! Great ideas!

  8. This was really fun to do - and I still want to try it in a larger size with block printing ink.


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