Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday! Don't worry, I survived the blizzard!

It was really hard, considering all of the snow we had, but I'm okay! 

Yeah, I mean - look at this!  *whew* Crazy - I braved the wind and everything to get this shot!

I mean, seriously - there have got to be too many snow balls to count on my porch rail!  *shivers* (well, so, okay - I was standing in my porch and I just waved the camera out over the porch rail and snapped - but I was still cold even if I was out of the wind!)

Huh, what?  Ah, yeah, that is a normal size phillips screw you see there.  Your point would be...???  What?  you measure snow by inches?  Okay, well, I make these little puppies - well, one of them has got to be about - well, it's almost as big as that screw head!  Ah, what?  inches deep?  Well, listen here, I know that if all this stuff hadn't of melted so fast I could have mushed it together and made a snowball.  A big one - oh, say about an inch in diameter.  Hey - where are ya goin'?  Hey!!!

Huh.  Snow snob, I guess =p

Well, like I said, I braved all that wind (sort of) and blizzard conditions (sort of) because I LOVE to take pictures of weather.  Ah, weather other than sunshine =p  And, since this is the 'month of love' and we are having a lot of February Fun with our give-aways, I just wanted to share something else I LOVE - taking pictures of rain and snow =)

What do you like to photograph?  and where do you like to go to take pictures? 

I like to go outside and take pictures of my animals =) and I love sharing pictures of my grandkids - and I like weather.  You may have already guessed all of that - roflol!  now it's your turn to share!

Oh, and I like great give-aways!  Find the details about my give-away ***here***
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Hope you are having a ton of February Fun!


  1. That was quite amusing Kathy, you have more snow than me, but I bet our friends on the East Coast are not laughing so hard. I love to photograph nature, wide subject I know.

  2. From one snow snob to another: thanks for the smile this morning!

  3. I've found myself taking lots of pictures of snow and ice covered trees this peaceful :)

  4. Uh, Kath - you like weather because it is good here in AZ! Try living in Maine, or in the south (where you mildew). Sorry, my friend, to burst your little weather balloon.

  5. wow - you had me worried for a sec there....glad you got to stay inside for the shot - looked dangerous :p I love snow pics too...and if the weather people are correct - I may have some pics by actual ten of ' screw head needed for reference :)

    Pics of my kids are my fave though...good thing my camera has a "sport" setting...the little guy doesn't like to sit still.

  6. Hope you stocked up on groceries so you were snug and warm for the blizzard/Super Bowl!
    Very cute, thanks for the chuckles :D

  7. P.S. Here is a good recipe for the next round of blizzards! And yes, I have made it and it is quite yummy, but melts quickly!

    Snow Ice Cream

    1/2 cup milk or cream
    1/4 cup sugar
    1/4 tsp. vanilla
    2 cereal bowls fresh clean snow

    Mix milk, sugar and vanilla together. Stir until vanilla is dissolved. Add fresh snow and stir gently until it is thoroughly mixed. Serve immediately. Serves 4.

  8. LOL! Makes me thankful for living in Florida. :)

  9. Very true, Marlene - hope the weather is a bit better for them soon! I love to photograph nature, too =)

    Patti - you are welcome *winks*

    memories - you are right - it is very peaceful!

    Karin - mildew? UGH! staying here!!! Love the snow ice cream recipe =) lol - maybe you have to eat this stuff outside so it won't melt so fast ;-)

    TiLT - roflol! love your comment! I keep trying to take fast pictures on my new camera and I can't get it to work... do you suppose I should read the manual? lol! Sport helps a lot with the critters, too =p

    Thanks, Lee - I did stock up - lots of canned food here - and a recipe for snow ice cream *winks* what more could I need???

    totally, matts!

  10. Love this blog post, of course, right...

    Since I live in Florida, I like to share my photo's of special trips to the beach, like the one's where I'm wearing the coat I bought for our winter Maine coast vacation...LOL

    Nature amazes me, I see things others walk by. My camera has been an extended part of my body parts for a very long time!

  11. great post, thanks for the chuckle! I watched video footage of the areas that got blasted with snow here :-(
    I gave up on this winter, you'd think I lived in the South somewhere instead of Canada. What's up with that??
    I love taking photos of nature, I'm not a great photographer but sometimes I get a really cool shot!

  12. Tulips - I can relate to that! hehe - the part about the camera not the beach - lol!

    pink - that is crazy that you have had no snow! I guess Pam is getting it all - lol!

  13. Loving your weather adventures! lol My favorite place to take pictures usually involves a lake with wildlife nearby!

  14. Thanks, Pam =) Your photos are lovely!


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