Friday, February 5, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ Some people have too much fun!

Ah, the rural life!  So much Country Fun!  Off the main trail - no traffic noise - mostly dirt roads - lots of room - and no mail box by your door...

Yeah, one of the questions of rural living is 'where do I get my mail?'  Where I live, there is no mail delivery at my house; however, I could set up a mail box with all the other mail boxes about three miles away from me. 

Note the sturdy posts - they need to be sturdy especially on the weekends...  looks like the second one was out on the town last Friday...  and...  Um...  Well, the third one may net you some eggs with your mail!

Now the people on this road do get mail delivery at their homes.  And some of them like a nice oversize mailbox for those special deliveries ~

 No joke - this is a real mailbox!  ROFLOL - you just load it up into the barrel, if you are brave enough!

Me, I am so boring - I just get my mail at the Post Office out of a little box that looks like all the other boxes.  Hmmm....  wonder if the little old PO would mind if I painted that box up a bit...

Hope you are having a Funtry Day wherever you are!


  1. Fun topic, love to see decorated mail boxes. I think I would be really nice to the people with the gun box.

  2. Love checking out rural mailboxes, they all have a story to tell. Revolver is 2 cool. I used to have a real nice cedar one that looked like the house but after it got nailed by a snow plow I reverted to plain.

  3. There is so many fun mailboxes out there! Thanks for the revoler one, I will definately show it to my hubby and son! They will love it! :) Lisa

  4. What a hoot! Around here we all have boxes at the road. i've not seen one like that gun, though!

  5. Totally, Marlene - hehe - it's even 'aimed' at the neighbor's mailbox - roflol!

    hehe - Lee, the neighbors I had before I moved had the cutest pig mailbox... um, and they did manage to fix it after I backed into it =p I was glad they were understanding about that!

    you are welcome, Paper =)

    yeah, Beantree - that is definitely a one of a kind mailbox! lol!

  6. cool! We were on vacation in Idaho a year and a half ago, and I got enthralled with the mailboxes. took some photos. will have to look for them. don't know if they're blog worthy.

  7. I like the chicken mailbox. Wish I had something more fun. There is a guy a few miles from here that has a shotgun shell mailbox. I've also seen a schoolbus and a tractor mailbox around the area but most are just plain boring ones.

  8. I just love the country! This is one thing that I miss about country
    life--the community row of boxes!

  9. Love these mailboxes! Wehave a double decker one near us and the top one (quite a ways up) says, "Air Mail".

  10. LOVE that gun shaped one LOL!!


  11. Those are great. Love the pistol, but yeah, it could make a person REAL nervous.

    Had a friend in high school whose family mailbox was stolen quite often. Plain ol' regular box, but the name on it was Joe Goe. People must've thought it was too funny to just leave standing!

  12. Great mailboxes. I thought Florida had the best but these are pretty darn good.

  13. I love seeing funny mailboxes! My dad and stepmom are both retired Postmasters so I get a kick out of anything postal related!

  14. Sounds like fun, Splendid!

    Very fun, Angel - what a collection!

    Yeah, Linda, the PO is a bit boring after seeing the variety of mailboxes out here ;-)

    Love it, Patti - somewhere I have a photo of one like that in Chino Valley.

    Thanks Anastasia =)

    Too funny, Anitra! lol!

    Carole *winks* maybe it's just something in the air =p makes people want crazy mailboxes - hehe

    Me, too, Beaded - very fun - I bet your family has a LOT of funny PO stories!

  15. Thank you for the smiles and lol's! The mailboxes, and how you wrote about them!!!

  16. hehe - you are welcome, Tulips =)

  17. I would be wary, having the mail box 3 miles away. But you could always put on up, just for show! That gun... never seen anything like that!

  18. Very true, storybeader - hehe - and the gun is probably the most unique one I have seen around here yet!

  19. LOL I am loving seeing all the mailboxes. Wow that gun one is sure something!

  20. hehe, subtle and understated, huh, Pam! lol!


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