Friday, February 19, 2010

Funtry Friday - Ouch! What was I thinking????

Okay - I could just say that this was revenge for my blatant ridicule of my daughter's sore muscles.  A while ago, I made some wisecrack about her age.  Yeah. I know!  roflol!  I take it all back!!!  I have gotten what I deserve =p

So here is your Funtry Friday - fun in the country for this week ~ tada ~

Okay, I needed some wood.  For the wood stove - you know, that gizmo that keeps me warm and not as broke as the gas heat?!  So, I placed an order for wood. 

If you have gotten wood before, you know that this is standard procedure.  Big truck arrives, tips up the back, and dumps your wood.  You pay, and he drives away saying that he will gladly shut the gate on the way out. 

For a moment, you pause, and tell yourself that this pile of wood is NOT that big and it won't take too long to stack all of this.

You know that is a big fat lie, but you keep repeating it to yourself.  Of course, you are repeating this lie to yourself while you are stacking wood.  However, as the stack grows, so does the pile...  This is the truth that you know in your heart, er... back...

Side Note:  The pile only grows while stacking.  Once stacked, wood resumes normal proportions.  You never end up with more wood than you ordered - it just feels like that while you are stacking it...

Yeah.  The lie is not working anymore.  This is a *blinking* lot of wood and now the pile has not only grown, it has moved farther away. 

This is the point at which kindling is made.  Not with a hatchet, but with gravity.  Yeah.  I am too lazy to walk ten feet - I am now chucking the wood at the stack.  Some of it does turn into very nice kindling in the process =p

Oh!  Oh!  If I see that the end is in sight, can I quit???  You know - just leave it there?  Please???

Oh, bother.  The other lie is that a cord and a half of wood will fit on three pallets.  Well, it will, if I don't get sloppy.  Yeah, that's some kind of sloppy stacking there...  Um...  yeah, just drag another pallet over and place it closer to the last of the pile (a stroke of genius on my part, if I do say so!)  and I do not care if it is not pretty =p 

In fact, at this point the only thing I am thinking about is what I said last time I ordered wood.  "One cord is enough.  One cord is enough.  One cord is enough."

So why do I remember it now? and not when I ordered the cord and a half of wood?

I'm sorry for laughing at your sore muscles, Cynthia.  I ***publically***and humbly appologize!

*ouch* Going to go take a hot shower now. I may drown, but it will be worth it...




  1. LOL! (not really)
    Hey, you made a sculpture!

  2. Oh dear! Apology ***publicly*** accepted. Next time call us, and I'll come up to help you, Crazy Mama! XOXO

  3. We've had a wood stove for the last couple of I completely feel your pain!
    I have to lie to myself to keep going also...LOL!

  4. Oh, you poor dear, I feel your pain. We also have a woodstove and I thank god my husband and son take care of the wood gathering, cutting and stacking. It is good for them, a bonding experience that they have alone, without me...Now aren't I the loving person that wants to nurture their bonding experiences by staying out of the way.

  5. Oh not! I hope you feel better soon! A book I'm currently reading says "Karma is a boomerang" - LOL!

  6. I always assumed it came neatly bundled, I didn't realize people actually had to stack their own. Such a city gal :-)

    I really enjoy these little slices of life :-)

  7. Oh my! I am almost glad we can't burn here in the Valley more days than not! My fireplace makes a REALLY good candle holder, actually. Did you get the stacks all covered before the rain hit this morning?!

  8. roflol! Splendid - you should see the sculptures I can make with dishes *winks* no ouches when I do that =D maybe I will change to indoor sports =p

    Awwww, darling daughter =) So glad I am forgiven for calling you, um... well... reminding you about... you know - that last birthday you had... =p LOL - I did managed okay - but hopefully next year I will remember ~ one cord is enough! LOL! Love you and thanks for the offer to help =) I will remember that when I have the next ugly job *mawahahaha*

    ah, memories - we can share the joys of the wood stoves *winks* aside from the wood, there is always the chimney cleaning =p a whole other story, eh?!

    Oh, Marlene - what a wonderful sacrifice you have made ;-) I bet you have to tie yourself to a chair to not dash off after them and join in that fun =p

    LOL - too funny, Joy - hehe

    Um... well, Christine - you can get cute little bundles at the grocery store... which will last about an hour or so and cost more than the house in a couple of weeks =p Thanks - glad you like hearing my crazy tales *winks*

    Yes, Karin - when I staggered out to feed the critters, I threw the tatters of last year's tarp over the piles - tehe - and I have a bunch up on the porch that is nice and dry. We have had a few sprinkles, but not too much. Hmmm... candles *winks* well, they probably give you enough heat for Phoenix *grins*

  9. We don't have a wood stove anymore, and we really miss it. My husband and one of his friends cut wood, though, for some people in the community who can't cut their own. and, call me crazy, I enjoy it. I load the truck while they cut. I'll admit, however, that after a little bit of this I'm thinking, wow, this is tough, and the next day I'll be worn out!

  10. Beantree - I do love my wood stove =) I have never gone and cut wood, but I have lots of friends who have done that. It is a LOT of work - but, you're right, it can be a lot of fun, too =)

  11. Really funny. I loved reading it.
    :o) button (linda)

  12. hehe - I love reading more than I loved stacking all the wood - roflol! Glad to have it, though, now that it has gotten colder again.

  13. hehe - I love reading more than I loved stacking all the wood - roflol! Glad to have it, though, now that it has gotten colder again.

  14. LOL I think your set for a while. Hope your muscles are rested up by now! ouch!

  15. Yes, Pam - all better now - and warmed by the wood, too =) Both by stacking and by the stove ;-)


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