Thursday, February 11, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ Benny Bunny varies his diet...

Benny Bunny is so cute - he runs up to the fence everytime I pass by just to see what little goodie I am going to feed him.  Not sure where he got the idea that I am going to feed him every time I go past his pen...  um... nope, not sure where he got that idea at all!  roflol!
Benny likes lettuce - and carrots - and apples - and hay - and (sort of) his kibbles - and grain and....
...the tomato cage...  Yep, he left part of his lettuce for a second course of tomato cage.  Tasty, I am sure.  Kind of reminds me of Chip =p

And, truthfully, it sounded exactly the same! 

I just LOVE these silly little critters *winks* and I LOVE sharing Fun in the Country - Funtry Friday with you =)  And, I LOVE having you comment to win one of those great prizes in my February Fun give-away!

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  1. Oh. is this a rat. we have one and e's lovely. Love the face as he is enjoying his tomatoe cage,lol.



  2. I had rabbits for a long time and just 4 months ago sold them all. It was hard to let them go , I still miss them and my granddaughter still wants to know where they are when she comes.

  3. What a beautiful rabbit, He looks so soft and cuddly.

  4. Boy does that bring back memories of begging the grocery store down the street for their "leftover" veggies for our small herd of bunnies! Bennie is adorable - he probably gets his taste for tomato cages from living with goats!

  5. My rabbit, Jasper, loved grapes! He went crazy for grapes.

  6. Benny looks so huggable with his beautiful fur coat..
    Hilarious to see Chip again!

  7. Julie - the last one is Chip, my granddaughter's rat - the first two are Benny, my rabbit =)

    Beantree - Benny is the second rabbit I have every had. Funny because the first one looked just like him.

    Thanks, Marlene - he is very soft =p but he does not like to cuddle - roflol!

    Karin - I remember being fascinated by the fact that you had rabbits in your backyard.

    Grapes - wow, Sue - I never tried grapes. Benny LOVES apples =D and, of course, carrots and lettuce.

    Thanks, Anastasia =)

    Thanks, Juana =) Chip is hysterical (and so is Chocolate). Benny loves to run up and get his treats and he will let me pet him, but he doesn't like to be held for very long. He is quite a character!


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