Monday, January 4, 2010

WOW! It pays to keep your eyes open on those country roads!

Just driving along, heading home...

...kind of lost in thought... 

Then, he caught my eye - racing down the road - zig zagging back and forth!

One short stop for a pose!

And off he raced again! 

This cute little guy is not quite full grown but he sure can move fast.  I love the Jack Rabbits - with their ears as big as they are.  They have a different tail, too - not like the little cottontail bunnies.  Theirs is sort of like a deer's tail or a goat's tail.  

I think this would make a great painting *winks* but I had better just put it on the list for now, since I have a ton of paintings and illustrations piling up on the drawing board.  LOL!  So many ideas *sigh* and only so many hours in the day.

He is really cute, though - so I had to share these fun photos with you!



  1. Wow, his ears are huge! I'm glad he ended up out of harms way. I'm surprised with all the rabbits around our house that we haven't seen one hit by a car. They must have guardian angels too :-)

  2. Purple - they are really FAST - these little buggers can really run and they usually stay off the roads out here. It was nice to see one!

  3. I've seen more rabbits this winter than any other!
    I wish we had Jack Rabbits here in IA...they're so cute!
    I hear ya on not having enough hours in the day!!!

  4. Your wild rabbits are white this time of year - they blend in perfectly with the snow! I wonder if your rabbits would turn white if it snowed for a couple of months?

  5. Very cute Rabbit, we don't see many this time of year but have them all over in the Summer. They are bad little rabbits here as they eat the tops off the seedling trees and that is how Christmas Trees get more than one top, the deer eat them also.

  6. Great shot! I don't think we have Jack Rabbits here in GA. I've never seen one. We have cottontails and they are in abundance. I've been missing my little friends lately. Hope they are just staying in the burrow nice and warm and haven't become the coyotes' dinner. This would make a great little companion piece to your other sweet rabbit that reminds me so much of Beatrix Potter's work.

  7. Haven't seen one of these in Forever--not since I was a kid. Thanks for the memories. :o)

  8. Great photo! My mom lives on a golf course in Las Vegas and always talked about all the rabbits in their yard and on the golf course. I pictured "normal" rabbits but when I saw them they were Jack Rabbits and bigger than their dog!

  9. Beaded - they can get really big! And they are fast!!!

    You're welcome, Anitra - I love these critters =)

    Aw... thank you, Graceful =) I have lots of ideas and photos for bunny and jack paintings - just have to find the time!

    Marlene - I had no idea that was how the Christmas trees got two tops to them! My daughter and I used to look for trees with two tops - one for each of us *winks*

    Interesting questions, Audrey. Thier color blends equally well with the brush and snow here, especially when it is half melted.

    memories - they are cute, but so are bunnies =)

  10. Thank you for sharing the photo and the info. Never seen a real jack rabbit! And yes, one of your artworks would be wonderful...

  11. That would make a great painting! Love to see it if you ever paint it :)

  12. Tulips - I am AMAZED at how fast they can run! They are really fun to watch =) Thanks! I am going to paint him - tehe - it's on my 'to do' list! LOL!

    Thanks Rose - I do plan to paint him because he is just so cute! LOL - if I ever get off of the computer *winks*

  13. Wow I love when you spot animals when you are out and about, so exciting! What a cute jack rabbit!

  14. I love watching the jack rabbits rum, Pam - they are so fast! *winks* not to mention cute!


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