Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whatever did we do before ***Computers***?

Pam, of Always Artistic asked a similar question in a comment on my blog post, It's All About Me when she said "I wonder what we ever did for fun before the world wide web!"  That got me to thinking...

So, what did you do before this gizmo took over your life?

Do you remember the first time you saw a computer?  I do!  It was a very memorable experience because the computer filled a huge room.  Seriously!  One of the demonstrations of it's extraordinary complexity and amazing capabilities was that it could play a one note tune of "Yankee Doodle"!  Check this out ~

This was such a major event for First National Bank, that there was a big article included in the Arizona Days and Ways 50th Anniversary issue. 

How about a closer look at that photo *winks*

That cute little girl with her chin on her hands is my sister, Mary.  I am standing in the back staring at part of the computer.

And listening to it play "Yankee Doodle"!  Yep, that is what it was like in 1962.

In the early 1970's, after I went to work for First National Bank (following in my father's footsteps *winks*), I had a chance to take a tour of THE bank computer.  Yes, a tour of The Bank Computer.  That computer was the size of a football field.  We only toured a small part of it, but it was fascinating to watch.  And very noisy.

How many of you had a Commodore 64?  ROFLOL - that was our second computer.  The first was a KAPOK and the key board was so small that it required a pencil to push the keys.  Programs?  yeah, if you manually input them in DOS *winks*

Now, we pop open the box, plug the critter in, and travel all over the world in minutes.  Mindboggling! 

So what did you do before you spent your time cruising the World Wide Web?  I watched TV.  Frankly, I think computers are a lot more fun!

Happy Cruising in 2010!


  1. The first time a computer system entered my life was via work too. I worked for many years at one place that had a complete room for the reel-reel that I had to back up and change out every end-of-the-day.

    Before computers, I played with friends, watched tv, read more books, hand wrote letters, and did many more fun things... however, I still do fun stuff, and my computer has become an addition to my body!

  2. I was absolutely sure that "I was not going to learn how to use one of those things", then I got a job that required I have computer skills, so the saga began. We had a computer for the kids soI bought myself a Wordperfect program (it cost $350.00 for that program in 1990) and began teaching myself to use it. Before that I was quite happily watching TV and Crafting.

  3. My ex built our first one--green screen, big floppy disks, DOS, etc. He's a hardware-software engineer now. Of course, that job didn't even exist back then! He told me I could put all my recipes on floppies, and all I could think was, "Why on earth would I want to do that?!"

    Do you remember that Danny Kaye movie with the huge computer, and punch cards spewing everywhere? One of my favorite movies scenes.

    Before computers? Reading, TV, games with my brothers and parents, and CRAFTS.

  4. Life without computers...don't say such a crazy thing...LOL :)

    Our first computer was an old Apple that you had to input the C promt into to get it to do anything!

    I'm sure I'd get a lot more work done without the WWW, but what fun would that be :)

  5. Wow, Tulips and Marlene - I'm kind of glad I didn't have to learn computer stuff at work =p *whew*

    Anitra - my ex built computers, too - though it was after our first few computers. He built one for our daughter that I used for several years after he built her a new one =p And, yes - I remember that Danny Kaye movie! LOL! It reminds me of the huge bank computer that was the size of a football field!

    LOL - memories - Mom had an old Apple 2E and she moaned very loudly when it quit working.

  6. LOL Kathy, cute post!

    The first computer I remember seeing, was a really old mac computer my mom brought home one day, it was so small, and you could do only basic games and the most basic note pad too. Then a year or so later when I was maybe 11 I started going to work with my mom and doing data entry, it was so much fun! lol

    Wow that must have been so cool as a kid to see such a big computer!

    Hmmm what did I do before computers, well I colored rocks, lmao as a kid, did crafts, played outdoors, baby-sat, hung out with friends, played Nintendo and still had fun. I had no idea what I was missing.

    Great memories everyone!

  7. Wow - I've heard the stories of things like this from my Mom - but it was so cool to see you in the photo!!!

  8. Thanks, Pam =) How fun that you got to do data entry with your mom! LOL - I did a lot of crafts, too - and played Atari - hehe. One thing for sure, computers have changed and they have changed our lives!

    Thanks, Rose. It was really fun to see and it made a big impression on me when I saw it!

  9. excellent post! love it! My mother worked for a radio station and I remember the computers in the computer room--HUGE.
    In an early job while in college, I was taught some computer programming, such as Let x=....
    At that job, we had to use a key punch machine.
    Before computers...hmmm...didn't we actually talk to friends in person, or at least on the phone?!
    Not a TV person, I did more crafts and read more.
    Since I opened my etsy shop and started blogging about a year ago, the world has opened up. This is mostly a good thing. I have "met" so many wonderful folks.

  10. Awesome, Splendid! The huge bank computer (the size of the football field) was a punch card computer. I never saw so many punch cards in one place in my life! I agree - I have made some wonderful 'cyber friends'! That is a definite 'upside' to computers =)


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