Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Words - What shall I say now???

Okay.  I have a bad habit.  Well, I have a lot of bad habits, but this one really annoys me.  I use some words or phrases repeatedly.  Often.  Over and over...  And sometimes... well........ I just want to blow those words away........

Like...  when I was first in college, I always said "by George".  Guess what my first boyfriend's name was...  It was embarassing.  yep.

And, I collected a few other phrases along the college way - um, they had to go, too =p

"Just".  I caught myself starting sentences with "just", sticking it in the middle, and using "just" as a period at the end of the sentence.  What was that all about?

"yeah like"...  That came and went, too.

Recently, I realized how many times I say "well", write "well", think "well"...  Well, it's driving me nuts.  I never really thought about it until I had all the - well, the water stuff going on with the well.  Oh, well, "well" has to at least diminish its appearances...

And then there is one of my favorite words to use...  um... "rats".

Need I say more?  It's even driving Chip nuts...

So, I'm thinking maybe I will adopt my grandmother's favorite word.  "Raspberries."  She used it with vigor.

Gadfry, I like "raspberries"!  Well, by George, yeah like I could just use that one and never miss all those other phrases... 

Um.  ah...  well....

oh, nevermind....

So what words get stuck in your mind that you use over and over?  Ack!  Tell me I am not all alone in my warped verbage!


PS  The original drawing is for sale in the sale section of my Etsy shop - Chip, the rat, is not for sale =p


  1. You know, there must be one or two that I tend to overuse, you know, like a short phrase, you know that can maybe you know link thoughts, you know?

  2. What a gorgeous vintage book page... gorgeous, so very gorgeous.... Did I say it was gorgeous?
    hmmm I do use gorgeous a lot, and beautiful too - So I guess they are good words, but still over-used.
    Thanks for sharing your verbage dramas... oh my other problem in case you haven't noticed - I tend to use lots of .....'s and - 's

  3. You know, Marlene - I can't, you know, figure it out =p

    Oh, thank you, Lorrie =) glad you liked her! You reminded me of a few other things that I do, too =p ..... =) - ;-) yep!

    Hey - three cheers for the added fun to our typos *winks*

  4. Kath, well, um, you know, I don't think you're alone, you know? :o)

    LOL ... this is my verification word to leave this, um, well, you know, comment "rateroin"

  5. I know many people that use words over and over're not alone...LOL!
    I had a boss once that always used the word "right". Several times in every he needed your approval for everything he said...LOL!

  6. My single most overused word is "indeed." It's like "yeah" to me. I use it ALL. THE. TIME. Somehow, it doesn't really bother me, though. I suppose because it's not a word I hear a lot elsewhere...

    Great post! And I wish you luck with your verbal weeding. Personally, I think "raspberries" is a truly excellent exclamation. :)

  7. Reading your post really brightened my day!
    Thanks for dropping by on Shadow Shot Sunday.

    and that is a cool drawing!

    and ... you definitely not alone on the "filler" words:)

  8. That's so funny! I shared an office with a co-worker who always stuck "real quick" in her sentences.
    "Let me real quick go get that."
    "I can find out real quick."
    "I'm going to real quick go to lunch."

  9. That is hilarious! For a period of time we called my sister Susan "Fixin' to" because she continuously said "I was just fixin' to do that!" I'm sure it's because she never did get that round tuit she was always asking for.

  10. Tulips - roflol! The power of the RAT!

    funny, memories - hehe, when I say 'right' it has three syllables in it =p

    Thanks, The Ash Grove - I think 'indeed' is very classy ;-)

    Thanks, Juana - loved that photo you posted!

    UberArt - too funny!

    hehe - Karin - I have a tuit some where... one of these days I will get 'round to findin' it.... =p Love that she said that!

  11. Oh raspberries! There just MUST be filler words I use! Just can't think of any just now!

  12. Splendid - well, if you can't think of them - I can loan you a few =p

  13. Splendid - well, if you can't think of them - I can loan you a few =p

  14. LOL Cute! I repeat some words over too! Beautiful drawing & cute rats!

  15. Thank you, Pam =) Those rats are really fun! I am going to miss Chip and Chocolate when they go home this week.

  16. the rats....repeat, who repeats, I don't repeat. Do you really repeat.

  17. Naw, Carole, I don't repeat... Who repeats? I don't know anyone who reapeats =p


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