Saturday, January 23, 2010

Virtual pARTy - a painting in 24 hours *whew*

This was lots of fun - and something that I have never done before.  I joined a Virtual pARTy.  What's a Virtual pARTy?  Well check out The Virtual pARTy Blog and you will find all the details.  Basically, an image is posted and anyone (yes - this means you!) who wants to join the pARTy downloads the image and does a work of art in any media using any or all of the photograph.  Here's the lovely photograph from Linda Shantz Equine and Animal Art that we used ~


The kicker is - you have to do the painting within 24 hours.  Okay - I am a sloooowwww painter... well, at least I thought I was!  Check this out ~

10:45 AM ~ blank water color paper...

11:30 AM ~ Okay, it's sketched in and ready to paint. 
Yes, I am working directly from my computer monitor.

11:45 AM ~ I'm laying in basic background washes - very loose and free with lots of water and lots of wet in wet technique.

12:40 PM ~ I have switched locations in my studio and I am using my old monitor now.  It's hooked up to my laptop, but it sits closer to the table where my paints are.  I like to work from the image on my computer screen because I can enlarge the image to paint the detail and then return to a full view when I want to see the whole image.

1:45 PM ~ birdie and baby are almost finished.  I hate the bushes.  *shrieks and whacks forehead*  More grass?  flowers?  what???  ack!  running out of time!  (ps, I hate the 'I hate this painting' stage =p  How about you? )

2:30 PM ~ *whew* rocks and flowers and grass...  and a bit more color in the mountains...  and a little sparkle on baby and birdie...  Yep!  I am now past the 'I hate this painting'!  I know that there are areas that I could add to and ones that I could refine a little bit ~ but I always say that.  I am one of those people who will just keep on painting until I wish I had stopped 30 minutes ago ~ so I make myself stop.  I am saying this one is 'finished'!

Would I join another Virtual pARTy?  You bet - this was fun!  I did kind of mix up the dates (hey - my internet was down and I couldn't check the blog!) so I thought I had another day *gasp*  Instead, I had to paint and post the image today =p  Because of that, I did do things a little differently...
  • I decided to focus on one horse instead of two or three horses like I had originally planned. 
  • I also decided to keep my image to a 5 x 7 inch finished size instead of the 9 x 12 inch size that I originally thought about. 
  • One additional thing that really helped me to do this quickly was that I painted it in my mind before I painted it on paper. 
Well, what do you think of my 'one day' painting?  It's all finished - except that this painting of our little baby and her birdie needs a name.  What do you think I should call this?  Help!
Hope you had a happy, creative day, too!   
PS  Yep, the bird is in the original photograph - look on the left hand running horse - do you see that white spot on her hind leg?  That's our little birdie!


  1. Beautiful Foal, its always so interesting to see it immerge from the paper, thank you for sharing . Lindax

  2. You did a great job, Kathy! I love it. ♥

    My 13 year old daughter loves to paint, she learned at school and got awards last year. You may see her on Etsy someday! ;)

  3. I say its beautiful and peaceful. You have so much talent!

    Name: Mid Summer
    Summers Whisper

  4. You really do beautiful work! And on that kind of time restraint...awesome!!!

  5. Thanks, Linda - I love to see the progress, too. It helps me to get past the 'I hate this artwork' when I look back at some other works in progress and see where they ended up. Of course there are still some of those others sitting around... =p

    Oooo! Be sure to let me know if she does, Anastasia! I would love to see her artwork =)

    Thanks, Tulips! I love the titles =)

    Thanks, Marlene - hope you are feeling better!

    Thanks, memories - I did feel a bit 'hectic' and I wasn't sure I could get it done and posted - lol - next time, I will pay closer attention to the due date =p

  6. Great Painting! I like to paint--using watercolor--but space is limited right now, so I will stick to sewing!

  7. Aw - thank you, Joy!

    hehe - Linda, you must be a MUCH neater seamstress than I am =p I can paint in a much smaller space than I can sew in *laughs*

  8. Wonderful! You did awesome as did all the participants =0)

  9. Thank you, LL =) Amazing collection of artwork - and so much variety from the same photo! Very fun!


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