Monday, January 18, 2010

Theme from "Jaws" please....

thrum, thrump, Thrum, Thrump, THRUM, THRUMPPPPP ****splash****

Gee, what is that?

I don't know...  but I think it's mine!
I call dibbs!!!


Held motionless by Chocolate's Super Powers ~
transfixed by her mighty stare ~

Cookie and Lova have met their match!

****splash****THRUM, THRUMPPPPP, Thrum, Thrump, thrum, thrump....
***Jaws theme fades....***

Who was that unmasked rat and her hairless companion?
I don't know, but they left a trail of cheese crackers and bread crumbs...
and glassy eyed dogs!

Okay...  umm...  either I had too much hot chocolate today... or I did not have enough hot chocolate today...  not sure...  what do you think?  (besides thinking that my mind is a tad rearranged from Normal to Abby Normal =p )

Okay - maybe it's the lack of sleep!  'night all ~ blessings!


  1. Thank you for my morning giggles and pick me up!

    BTW, have I told you lately that you are a GOOF?

  2. LOL, thanks Kathy - your blog is always a pleasure to wake up to. Whether it is too much hot chocolate or not enough it works for you either way.

  3. You have me laughing so hard - but that's a good thing!

  4. Hey, Tulips - Goof backwards is fooG. Well, that didn't work did it? =p You are welcome - glad my Abby Normal mind gave you a laugh ;-)

    Marlene - LOL - yesterday it was not enough chocolate - today, I think I had too much =p but it was REALLY good *winks*

    Thanks Ruthie - glad it made you laugh to peek inside my warped brain ;-)

  5. LOL!
    Can there Be TOO MUCH chocolate of nay type?! My diagnosis is--not enough!

    The first photo is hilarious!

  6. Thanks, memories - I think so =)

    tehe - glad Abby is laughing, Linda ;-)

    Thanks, Splendid - hehe - even I have my chocolate limits and I think I did have a bit too much yesterday =p Yeah, I thought it was really cute to see the dogs do that - but a bit scary, too. So you see the quiet picture - not the sounds of me grabbing the camera and getting the shot as fast as I could while telling the slow moving dog to get down and leave the rats alone =p using my 'not quite hysterical' pitch...

    Yeah, you're right Tulips - I'm a goof - roflol!

  7. Really cute! Dogs are great, I just told my husband that I KNOW our beagle gave me a dirty look. THey are a ball of fun.
    I had a white mouse pet when I was a kid, my cousin had a snake and donated a little guy that was supposed to be dinner. Mom hated it but she's a good sport.

  8. By the way the Jaws theme was a hoot!

  9. LOL Kathy, I really enjoy your posts! Must be cause I like to be goofy too!

  10. Beantree - thanks! Funny how moms let you get away with stuff like that! lol! Fortunatly for mom - your cousin only donated one mouse...

    hehe - Pam, thanks! Yeah, better to laugh *winks*

  11. BackyardNaturePhotosOctober 5, 2010 at 1:25 AM

    I'm so glad I read this post. Too funny! You have a gift that keeps on giving...this is priceless!!!


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