Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Insanity!

It should not surprise you that there would be insanity around here =p  I am currently pet sitting for Cynthia and family while they visit other family.  That means that my zoo has grown...

Chip and Chocolate have come to visit me.  They are not too sure about what is going on, but they are very curious.

I would post pictures of Gotcha and Glory - but I have to go run and take them outside right now!!!!!

and that's The End of this blog post!

Blessings to you all,


  1. Hee hee, cute post! Love the "end" photo of Chip and Chocolate! Enjoy their visit!

  2. TeeHee - Cute post. I never thought I would ever say a rat, let alone two rats, were cute, but there you go. I also love their names.

  3. I actually think rats are cute. I hear they're pretty smart too.
    I like the pic of their butts:)

  4. Thanks everyone! The rats belong to my eldest granddaughter - and she is the one who named them. They are very intelligent and can actually be trained to do tricks. They have distinct personalities and are very expressive. Their feet look like tiny little hands!

    and I thought that they had cute butts, too ;-)

  5. LOL And that's the end! Cute! They are really sweet Rats (did I say sweet, who knew I would like rats, I blame my friend who is a rat lover for that)

  6. LOL - Pam, they are fascinating! I love to watch their antics =)

  7. I am having a lot of fun watching them, Carole - they do some pretty funny things!

  8. I have two pet rats - Sophocles and Chrysanthos - and I'm so glad to read the rat love happening in these comments!
    Rats are all those things: cute, sweet, smart, funny ... and they do have such amazing hands/paws. They are so delicate in their movements, and so gentle when they touch and grasp things ... I love my ratty boys.
    And rat butts are the cutest thing ever! ;-)

    I've just found your blog, Kathleen, and promptly started following. It's right up my alley. :-)

  9. How fun Silverlight! Glad you enjoy my blog =) Welcome!

    These rats actually belong to my granddaughter, but occassionaly I 'rat sit' (lol - and dog sit as well as kid sit) for my daughter and her family. They are lots of fun and I, too, am fascinated by their little feet that look and act so much like hands.

  10. How fun, we had a couple of rats when the kids were in school, it was two, then 13, then off to the high school science dept~

  11. How fun! Our kids had rats when they were in school - first it was 2, then 13, then off to the high school science dept~

  12. Oh, my! The pet stores are only allowed to sell girls OR boys now =p We had very prolific gerbils when my daughter was little... until finally we just had one *whew*


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