Saturday, January 30, 2010

Posing a question...

I have been showing some of my more abstract artwork lately and I have a question for you.  Here is a piece I created last year - it's another one on the handmade paper.

"Portal" mixed media on handmade paper

My question is ~ when you see artwork like this, would you like to have an explanation from me about what the image means to me?  or would you rather not have your reaction to the drawing colored by my thoughts?

I have listed a couple of drawings on handmade paper in my etsy shop, but they are a bit different from this one.
"Going North"

"Who Will Take This Child?"

hehe - don't panic - I have always been the multi-sided artist who creates abstract and unusual art as well as representational art of the sights I see around me every day.  I just haven't had much of this artwork on display in recent years.  I am still just the plain old ordinary warped me =p  puttering around with my artwork *winks* with two new horsie portraits on the easel!

So, what do you think?  give you a description?  or no?

Hmmm...  and does it look finished to you?  just wondering if I should make the colors a bit stronger...

Have a creative weekend!


  1. They are all very thought provoking works. I like them a lot. They do look finished to me since you asked. I would like a very brief word or two of what they mean to you, Let your viewer know you a little but still leave room for their own interpretations.

  2. There will always be those who don't like, or understand, abstract art and no amount of explanation will change their perception. However, it is your creating and if you would like to add a comment as to what a piece means to you, by all means go for it! However, I believe the name of the piece gives the observer a hint of what it means to you, without coloring their interpretation or "futzing" up your creation! Just my humble opinion.

  3. Thank you, Marlene and Karin. I have debated about whether Portal is finished... I did list the other two with a brief description. I think I will have to give a little thought to the wording of the description for Portal...

    Thanks, I appreciate your input!

  4. I think they look great :)
    And I would love to hear your thoughts behind creating them. I think it gives us a look into the artist behind the work :)

  5. For me that a tough question, as I think both ways...

  6. I think.. a very brief description and then let us "feel" the piece and see what it says to us :)

  7. I usually view the art, note the title, and feel it from there! I like to see what the artwork says to me. The notes on the piece are after thoughts, unless I'm in the company of the artist and we can discuss.

    Good post with nice work!

  8. that's a hard question. My first reaction is probably not. But with my necklaces and books, I write a haiku to go along with them, and that's what I'm thinking, not what it means. Don't know if that helps. They're very nice! {:-D

  9. I don't think the artist has any responsibility to explain her work. Many believe that the work itself should communicate all that the viewer needs to know. Personally, if the work is abstract or if there is symbolism involved, I appreciate it very much when the artist explains a bit about their work to give me some insight into what they were thinking but I don't think it's necessary to enjoy the work.

  10. I love these. I like to make my own interpretation, unless it's a statement you feel you need to make, then you should explain. I do sometimes wonder what the artist meant.

  11. thanks, memories =)

    Thank you, Miriam =)

    my problem exactly, Tulips =p

    indeed, matts - sometimes I think a little nudge might create more interest...

    Good point, Dora - the title is a good gateway to the artwork.

    storybeader - that is wonderful! I could write a little poetry instead of just a description... hmmm...

    Also a good point, Graceful.

    Beantree - thank you =) They were fun to do, and I can see where a little less description would be needed on some and a little more clarification on others.

  12. I happen to love abstracts. I like to do them as well. Very interesting work.

  13. Thanks, Carole - it's different than what I usually do, but I really liked doing them.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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