Thursday, January 7, 2010

Musical talent in the family!

I promise not to break out in song here - don't want you to have to cover you ears and cry!  I am not the musically talented person here - it would be my brother-in-law, Dick, and my sister, Mary!

The Cool Water Band is the band that Dick started a few years ago.   Now the local Prescott Barnes and Noble is going to carry their CDs!  Wooottt!!!!  How 'cool' (so to speak) is that?!?!?!

If you want to know more about Dick and the Cool Water Band, check out his Erosonic web page that tells you all about how the band got started.  Now, y'all watch out on the rest of that web site because this IS a retired Air Force guy we are talking about here =p  He has several albums in 'the venacular', but now he is working on Family Albums 1 & 2 of "clean fighter pilot songs".  I am really looking forward to these.  Dick has a blog, too - Passing the Flame - hehe - go surprise him with a visit, okay *winks*

If you are in the Prescott area on Jan. 30th be sure to drop in to the Barnes and Nobles and hear the band - they are goOOOod!  Take it from this toe tappin' country gal *smiles*

Blessings from the Assistant Roadie, Jr. Status,


  1. How exciting! B& know you've hit it big when they pick up your CD!!!

  2. You are an endless array of suprises! Huge congrats to your family...

  3. Ahem......I happen to know firsthand that there is no such thing as a "clean fighter pilot song" - nope, not one!

  4. Congrats to your family, you should put one of their song on your blog for us to hear.

  5. Yeah, memories - I am really excited for them!

    Hey, Tulips - I can't take credit for this surprise *winks* Dick has been singing for a looooooonnnnggg time - he has several CDs and books =)

    I agree, Beth =) I am very excited for them!

    ROFLOL - Karin, I have to wonder if when he 'cleans them up' if they will go from a 3.5 minute song to a 1.5 min. song =p However - he is doing it! LOL! to many songs that did not have that start *winks*

    Marlene, I can't put music on my blog because my internet speed is too slow for me to go to blogs with music - roflol - I would never be able to get anything posted on my blog *laughs* anyway - I looked for a link to music samples (which I thought they had on the web page) but I couldn't find any. I emailed Mary and asked for a link. If she has one, I will post it - their music is really good!

  6. There are samples of his songs - I know because I listened to a couple at work yesterday (yes, I was on my lunch break!) - of course they were the aforementioned fighter pilot songs and I had to turn my speakers down....WAY down! He is very good, by the way - congratulations to him and a great big THANK YOU to him for serving our country!

  7. I knew they were there some place! Glad you remembered to turn it down =p Dick wanted to give the listener an idea of what life as a fighter pilot was really like. He felt that the 'venacular', as he calls it, was an important part of that reality.

    Indeed - thanks to all who have served our country!

  8. Wow how excited! You have a very talented family! Artists, Musicians, wow!

  9. Pam - I think sometimes we don't always remember how talented our families are because their talents are just so much a part of them. Dick and Mary make for some fun sing-a-longs at Christmas!


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