Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life is Precious!

I happen to believe that life is very precious. Precious from the start of life at conception to the natural end in death.

Over the last year I have seen some amazing people demonstrate just how precious life can be and just how blessed we can be by considering it to be precious. Walking through difficult circumstances does not mean that we are not blessed nor does it mean that there cannot be joy within the times of sorrow.

Enter SewMelody. Visit her blog here to join her on the excited journey of finding out that she was pregnant. What joy! But the joy faded when she knew that there was something wrong with this pregnancy. The story could end there, but it doesn’t. What a testimony of love to Matthew – check out this blog post to see how she reconciled all of the emotions, love and wonder of this child.

Enter Sydney Grace and her family. Sydney Grace was not supposed to live more than two hours because she was diagnosed before birth with Trisomy 18. Check out the blog at Amazing Sydney Grace to see how tenderly this family cared for her knowing that her life could end at any moment. Some children do live for several years – Sydney Grace lived for an amazing 20 days. Her family, friends, and those who followed their journey were blessed by the devotion and love expressed in simple actions. Joy in the midst of sorrow shows the love present through their journey.

Enter Betty. Betty had cancer last year – but cancer never had her! Check out mattscraftywife’s blog to follow Anastasia’s journey as she and her family cared for her mother, Betty. Everything from special spa days to beach travel, to having Christmas (complete with a tree and presents) early in the Fall. This family tenderly cared for Betty for her entire life on earth and remembers those days both with joy and sorrow.

Three amazing examples of how we are blessed when we put feet and hands to living out the fact that all Life is Precious!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. Wonderful reminders of faith, we all need to look around to see how blessed we are.

  2. Very true, Beantree - in all circumstances!

  3. Three sad but incredibly beautiful journeys that demonstrate how precious life matter how short. Lovely post.

  4. life indeed, is very precious. i myself have undergone some trying times. i had a very delicate pregnancy and my precious little miracle came 8 weeks early, and fighting for her life. but God is good all the time. i drew strength from heb 11: 1

    .. faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

  5. Thank you, Graceful!

    So very true, theleidy - I love that verse!

  6. So nice to read the stories of resiliency. God is there to see us through.

    Joy from

  7. What a wonderful reminder of how precious life is :)

  8. I love your perspective on pro-life. It's not just about being anti-abortion. Pro life is so much more.

    I love the story of Melody and Matthew, I had followed it from the beginning. And Syndey Grace's story has touched me so also.

    Thanks for including my blog and mom's story (Betty). *tears* The last three months of her life were some of the best of her life, strangely! She is happy in heaven now and though I miss her so much that it hurts, I'm happy for her.

    Love ya,

  9. Thank you for sharing these links and for the wonderful reminder of the beauty of life, Kathleen!

  10. Beautiful reminder of the preciousness of life. Thanks, I needed that.

  11. What a glorious post! I adore the photo too! Your site always inspires me. God fills our lives with many stories for us to share and inspire hope and faith. Blessings

  12. I am very privlidged to have a friend like you, Kathy, who shares these stories so that we can be involved in encouraging their families, praying for them and giving them love the way we needed it at the time we decided to choose to consider life precious.

  13. Very true, Joyful!

    Rose - thank you!

    Thanks, Anastasia! I think more people need to know what a blessing it is to care for those we love through all the stages of life. As I cared for my mom, I too was blessed in many, many ways.

    sewmelody - you are welcome. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Thanks, Steph =)

    tbranscum - you are welcome, and thank you.

    Thank you, Diane!

    *blushes* thank you LL =) Bless you right back =)

  14. Wonderful stories and what a lovely post about them! It is a great reminder of how precious life is!

  15. Thank you again Kathy... life, in all manner, is precious. Full of blessing though everything, even if it takes time to discover them.

  16. Those are so awesome! I realized this year that even pain can be a treasure. a treasure, because there was/is/always will be love in my heart for someone who is now gone from this earth.

  17. Indeed, Tulips - that is very true.

    Splendid - praying comfort for you. What you have said is so very true.

  18. Great shot. and all I can say is AAAAAhhhhhhh.


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