Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's all in a name... Wednesday's Words

“I have a dog.”
“Oh, yeah? What’s his name?”
“No. Guess."
“Rover? Spot?”
“No. Guess.”
“Bear? Killer? Ralph?”
“No. Guess.”
“I give up! What’s your dog’s name?!”

When my daughter first got her dog, she knew exactly what to name her. Guess. We had just recently seen the movie “Sarah Plain and Tall’ for the first time.  It’s a great movie and that is where her name came from.  In the movie the dog is a male - but our Guess was a girly dog.

And, yes, we actually had conversations about her name just like the conversation here! That’s half the fun of having a dog named Guess =)

And, no, Guess was not the only animal that we have had with an interesting name...
Licorice ~ a white cat
Spot ~ a black cat
Forrest ~ a cat named from the movie "Forrest Gump" ~ 'run, Forrest, run!' ~ it's a good thing to say to a country kitten!
Hinky ~ a slightly neurotic cat, but only slightly
Critter ~ who was a tiny little doggie critter at only three weeks old when she came to our home
Moose ~ who was adopted and arrived with that name...  who would name a cat Moose????
Mary and Mary Magdalen ~ two goats ~ but, hey - they were born the day before Easter!  They became Mary and Maggie.  And, yeah, I know there should be an 'e' on the end of Mary Magdalen, but the ADGA registration papers didn't have enough spaces for the last 'e'...
Phil ~ short for Philatelic (stamp collecting) who was a cat that was abandoned at the Post Office...  yep, I took him and his companion, Spot, home =p
Stumpy ~ the last of a long line of gerbils brought home from kindergarten... who would think that gerbils could live that long? 
Pal ~ a cat who is actually named for my mother's childhood dog... 
Hershey ~ who was the color of milk chocolate when he was born...  Horses change color a lot over the first couple of years, and he turned from milk chocolate to palomino during that time. 
Well, there are some of my fun pet names ~ what are some of your fun pet names?  Share some of them in the comments!
PS  Of course, it does seem that the ability to cleverly name critters has been passed on to Mikayla ~  who named her rats Chocolate and Chip *grins*


  1. Love your animals names, some of mine are Tom, a tuxedo cat, Fatima-an Irish Sitter, Taffy and Tater two small dogs, Ralph a cat, Hansel and Gretel, Marlene, Daisy May and Pepper-goats, lightning a Duck, Slobber Dog and Mama Kitty two strays that adopted us, Ceasar a White cockatiel, Perkins a gray cockatiel, A part siamese cat named Marvin, Delilah-German Shepherd, Josie-Golden Retriever, and Daisy my Yellow Lab. There were a few more that came and went that were the kids pets-Chopper a hamster, and Cami a camelion among them.

  2. The dog children are Maxwell Smart and Lucille Ball (named for a dear friend, not the movie/TV personality). Currently my cats have very common names, PJ, OJ, Frankie and Squirt, but in the past I have had a cat named Baboso (remember him, Kathy?), a dog named after my Dad's jet (Sabre) and a monkey named after my Grandma (Freda). Many, many other unusual names come to mind - and my neighbors think I'm nuts because I name the stray/feral cats that we care for. Actually, most of my pets have told me what their names are - just as my dolls did when I was a little girl!

  3. I had a yorkie whose name was Betsy Aloma. I honestly don't remember where I got "Betsy" from, but when we registered her, we needed to make her name unique, and my grandmother suggested he most unique name she could think of - Aloma. The funny part is, it was her sister's name!

    More recently, the family got a pair of chihuahuas, a reddish-blonde one we named Chichi, and a black and brown fella I named Kujo. It really did suit him at the time--he was the playful one, always nibbling at your fingers--but he ironically grew up to be a total snugglebug.

  4. Your sketch turned out very well!

  5. Love the pet names! It's fun to see the names of our critter friends =)

    Ash - I love Betsy Aloma - how funny that she suggested her sister's name!

    Marlene - Love the duck named Lightning - and I think I can kind of picture Slober Dog... hehe!

    I do remember the kitty, Karin - and what did Grandma Freda think of you naming your monkey after her? ;-) Love that you name all the feral critters - I name some of the wild ones here, too.

    Thanks mechelle =) Glad you liked the drawing.

  6. We've had some interesting names,too. We have beagles and hounds, plus one husky. Booger, Freckles, Doc, Asia, Princess, Blackie, Hillbilly and the master of the house, a beagle named Porky.
    We've had some wild names in the past.

  7. Very fun names, Beantree - love 'Hillbilly' - that's great =)

  8. Oh gee...not that creative. Perhaps the strangest name was a cat I named Bunny. Now I have cats named Oliver and Earnest (named after The Importance of Being Earnest, for his earnestness despite being deaf). My daughter had a gerbil named Chaser, She now has cats named Tigra (tiger in Spanish) and Edward Bunk, nicknamed Bunkie. Oh and I must mention an orange colored fish, her first fish when she was very young, named Hottie.

  9. What creative pet names! I love hearing the stories of their names! I'm not as creative but I've had Poodles, Sugar, Spice, Pepper, Mikie, Tiger, Reebok, Panther, Midnight, KC, Sadie, Isabella and Angel.

  10. What a fun post...I enjoyed learning about your pets' names :)

    Our first dog was Bo...Mr. Bo Jangles :)
    Now we have Harley...I guess I just liked the name :)

    We also had cats named Bonnie and Clyde...always in trouble.
    Bob...looked like a bobcat.
    Violet...because her grayish color looked a little purple to me :)
    And many, many more :)

  11. How fun! I have had a :
    Mr. Toes
    Sheldon ( a turtle)

  12. Cute conversation about your dog's name being Guess!

    My cat is named Sputnik because she loved to jump and climb high up like a rocket.

  13. I did not name Freda - my Dad did - and Grandma Freda was my Mom's mother! heehee

  14. Those names crack me up! I'm not sure if these count, because we raised them for food not as pets, but I had piggies named Bacon and Pork Chop, and another pair named Salt and Pepper :P

  15. Neat name and beautiful paitning.:)

  16. Snowball
    Precious Tinkle
    Grocho - born ferrel, when I picked her up the very first time (after I caught her), she growled at me and I smiled and told her that I love her. She also had a perfect black mustache.
    Mr. Bojangles
    Suggie Bear
    George - calico (female), but she came home from rescue so curious!
    Princess Clepoatra the Silly Goose Fussbucket - when we rescused her, her name was Brooke, had been kept in a cage in an apartment, and her 1st parents got rid of her because they were having a baby. Now she only comes in to eat, then straight outside...she loves her freedom, and when its uber cold she likes to lay close to the woodburning stove in the bedroom.
    Murphy - after Murphy Brown
    and more...

  17. Splendid - your daughter's fish is too funny! Love Earnest, too *winks*

    Beaded - Reebok is fun - and your current crew are adorable! I love your blog and especially try not to miss Sadieday =)

    Very fun, memories - I love the cat named Violet. We had one names Blue Belle and Peaches - but she arrived with that name! lol - no credit taken here for that one. Her nickname was Belle.

    Oh, Beth - what fun! I almost want to put glasses on your turtle named Sheldon!

    Juana - I always wondered if Sputnik was named for the Sputnik that we used to watch as kids. Very fun!

    Karin - roflol! hehe - too funny!

    Ruthie - oh, my - my neighbor had a pot bellied pig named Bacon =p She later had a full sized sow names Saucy. Yep - didn't mess with her!

    Thanks, Carole =)

    Quite a crew there, Tulips! Love Grocho =p And I am delighted that Fussbucket has her freedom =)

    They are, aren't they, Pam - but then Jessie is fun, too *winks*

  18. Thanks! If he was a girl it was going to be Jessie Jewel. For the first month I thought he was a girl, which is why his name is spelled Jessie. I had it in all his baby books. As I had asked for a girl!

    Well I am glad he is a boy!

  19. How funny! I didn't know that. Well, he certainly is cute and very photogenic!

  20. I have a cat named Lucy. I bought her for myself one very lonely birthday, ten years ago. I was so sad and in such dispair, I walked into a place, and there she was, abandoned and pathetic. I brought her home and named her Lucy so when I came home I could call out loudly, :Luuucy, I'm HOME!" like Ricky Ricardo! Made me laugh everytime...still does! Laughter lifts quite a bit of sorrow, so does a silly kitten.


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