Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm obsessed with chocolate and ice...

Or am I obsessed with chocolate colored mud and ice crystals? 

The horses walked in the mud and sunk really deep hoof prints which filled up with snow and rain.  In the morning there was ice in them and, of course *winks* I had my camera.

You can almost see pictures in this one ~ like you see in clouds!

Amazing ice crystals!

This one is my favorite ~ so delicate and intricate!

I  love to see ice crystals form in the winter.  Their intricacy and delicacy fascinate me.  One thing for sure, they really made a muddy horse home look well decorated!  

Have you seen any great ice crystals this winter?  Share a link in the comments if you would like to.



  1. No ice for us this winter. It has only snowed one day and it didn't last, melted right away.

  2. That is my kind of snow, Marlene =) nice!

  3. Those are cool, Kathleen!
    Here is a post of mine, from a year ago, however.
    blog post


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