Friday, January 15, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ A few things I have learned about country living…

The Etsy Bloggers Carnival suggested that we look back on 2009 and blog about what we remember most about last year. I thought I would share a few fun things I remember from 2009 (and a few from a little bit before that) about the fun things I remember when I think about ‘country living’…

Going to the Post Office is a social outing. Be prepared to spend an hour or more visiting with someone.

Three vehicles is a traffic jam – mostly due to the fact that everyone got out of their vehicle to chat with the guy with the backhoe.

Pot holes and Ruts are basically golf with a vehicle.

It is possible to drive through three feet of water in a full size pickup truck; however, it takes a full size diesel pickup to drive through four feet of water.

Whoever said ‘quiet country life’ didn’t have guineas, chickens, geese, ducks, goats, cows, or horses. And their dogs were too old and deaf to bark.

You don’t have to get dressed up to go to the grocery store. Everybody you meet there will have the same mud on that you do.

Manure becomes a scientific biology study to discover what pooped there.  Sometimes it is important to know if it was horse, rabbit, coyote, cat or snake that made the pit stop.

Kids on horses will ride through the McDonald’s drive through and order fries for their horses.

A twenty minute parade is lots of fun when your kid is playing the drums.

Horse apples are much more fun to toss that cow pies.

A snake can go through a hole that is smaller than the hole that a mouse can go through. This is not good.

Unidentifiable poop in your garage is not a good thing.

Weeds with pretty flowers are called wildflowers. Weeds with smelly flowers are called noxious foliage.

Gophers will never be an endangered species. Ever. It’s impossible.

Good people live in the country – very good people!

Hope you enjoyed this bit of country fun on your Funtry Friday!

PS  These sweet goats are Maggie and her daughter Bethie (Bethie is on top of the rock).


  1. What fun and all so true. I find that going to the grocery store is also a social event. Your goats are cute, reminds me of my goats, Hansel loved to play king of the hill on anything he could find that was higher than the others.

  2. Oh, so true! I love your humorous observations...maybe you should write a book..."You Know You're in the Country, If...."
    While reading this I was reminded that my husband and I were going to write a book "Bull Frog in the Swimming Pool and Other Novelties of Country Living."

  3. Marlene - that's too funny! I do just about always meet someone at the grocery store. The feed store is right up there, too.
    Bethie is my climber. She *finally* stopped going on top of the goat house *finally!*

    Graceful - love that! Yep - nice that it was only a bull frog =p hehe

  4. Oh this is so funny! I love your observations and wish I could experience them in person - well, except for throwing horse apples or cow pies!

  5. Aw, come on, Beaded - Stick to the horse apples - they're dry *winks* mostly!

  6. I love my country life too :) I couldn't agree with these statements more...LOL!

  7. Thanks, memories - country life definitely has its fun moments!

  8. thought it was interesting... all the talk about poop! lol It's a whole new world - hope you enjoyed the year! {:-D

  9. Sounds like you enjoy your Country Living, makes for some interesting stories! Cute goats!

  10. Thanks, Pam - I do love my goats =) they are lots of fun!

    Thanks Story - this was fun to do - and, yep, I think that poop is just kind of a country thing =p oh, my! at least around here it is *LOL*

  11. Now that was totally fun! What a creative take on the carnival!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. May God richly bless you in 2010, too!

  12. Thank you, Splendid! hehe - my mind always has a slightly sideways way of looking at things =p

  13. I would probably stay home and lose myself in the computer. LOL


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