Friday, January 8, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ Birdies at Play!

This ~

+ plus this +

= equals this =

I had heard of penguins and ravens playing before,
but I had never seen the guineas acually play until yesterday.
Usually they will walk down the rail and jump to the ground...

Yesterday ~ I saw several guineas SLIDE to the bottom end of the rail 
and then jump to the ground and run to be with the flock!

I was laughing so hard, I forgot to get my camera!

Hope it gives you a little *giggle*, too =)



  1. I hope you can get a clip of that! One of our budgies from long ago enjoyed sliding on the top of the bird cage. It had a curved top. Must have had tough feet!

  2. ROTFLOL! Can see it in my minds eye, BUT you must get a photo.

    Sounds like you have SO much fun by yourself over there at your place!!!

  3. Funny Kathy, I love to watch animals at play, they have such a wonderful exuberance for life. I watched a cow the other morning running and jumping and charging, you could just tell that is was playing like it was the biggest, toughest, rodeo bull to ever walk the face of the earth, Bring on the cowboy.

  4. LOL Before it got so bitterly cold I would take the goats out to play with me. We had ice in the driveway and they would purposely slide down the drive, then run back up along the side where there was no ice to slide back down on the ice again. My guineas are in the barn and don't even want to come outside right now. I've seen them playing before though. It's fun to watch.

  5. Purple, I hope I can get a shot of it, too - it was the first time I ever saw them do that! What cracked me up was that several of them did it one right after another!

    Splendid - very cool ;-)

    Tulips, I am going to keep my camera handy after this! ROFLOL!

  6. Marlene - I will have lots of fun this week - I am pet sitting for my daughter - hehe - all thier critters are at my home ;-)

    Angel - I had a goat that would play teeter totter! I had a large board that I tossed on the ground. It landed on a chuck of wood. Whisper walked right over to it, stood on it and realized that by shifting her weight she could make it move up and down. She would run to that board every time I let her out. Hehe - I never put it away - it was too fun to watch!

    TiLT - glad you got a giggle going ;-)

    Linda - I hope they do it again!

    memories - I was laughing so hard - it was hysterical!

  7. LOL that would have been so funny to watch!

  8. hehe - hey, Carole - aren't you glad you are not trapped inside my brain =p


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