Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun little suprise 'moments' to enjoy!

This weekend I was reminded to stop and enjoy some little surprise 'moments'.  What a blessing!

The miracle of a beautiful Sonrise!

I would have missed this if I had not be 'pet sitting' and got up to let the dogs out and check on the little rats.  The photo doesn't really do this morning's splash of color justice!  It was gorgeous!

The fun and wonder of a child at play!

Children really know how to capture a moment!  Cynthia had about 45 minutes to drop off the two greyhounds, rats (and cage!), box and bag of dog food, blankets, bowls, and treats - and then to give instruction to me on all the ins and outs of rat and dog care. 

Meanwhile, Mikayla and Naomi did not hesitate to enjoy a moment of fun with Grammy's horses.   Time didn't matter to them - a short little moment of fun was just fine!

That made me stop and think about how many things I rush through when I really do have time to stop, pause, and enjoy - even if only for a short moment.  So, this morning when I saw that glorious sky - I didn't rush to the next task.  I stopped, enjoyed the incredible sight, and thanked the Maker of the Stars for such a blessed moment to start to my day!

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

Hope you have a day filled with little blessed moments!
God bless,


  1. children are what Christmas is all about. I bet they got those horses for Christmas. :) Beautiful shots.

  2. hehe - Actually, Carole, those are my antique Breyer horses that I let them play with - they love them!

  3. Beautiful sunrise! I bet the girls really love your horsies!

  4. We should take time everyday to enjoy the little things :)

  5. "Simple pleasures, Life's treasures".

    At first I thought you were calling the kids "little rats", then I saw that you really meant "rats"! Forgot she had them as pets...lmbo

  6. you take the most amazing pictures!! I think we used to have some horses like those when I was young! :)

  7. kids do that to you, don't they?! Perhaps I should have said "for you!" looking at the world afresh through child's eyes, taking time to marvel...
    lovely sunrise!

  8. gorgeous sunrise, I believe the sunrise colors are even more beautiful than the sunsets. The girls look like they are enjoying, brought back memories of my daughter as she did so love her Breyer horses.

  9. Thanks, Pam - I am glad that I didn't miss it. Yes, the horsies are favorites of theirs!

    Indeed, memories - we should make the time!

    Funny, Tulips =p They are really cute and curious. The girls have a lot of fun with them.

    Thanks, Audrey! I love my horses - hehe, and when we have time, all of us play with them ;-)

    Very true, Splendid!

    Marlene - you may be right! I just know that I am usually more awake for the sunsets =p Glad the horses brought back memories - does for me, too, when I watch them play.


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