Saturday, January 16, 2010

Etsy Blogger Blogger of the Month! NICO* Designs!

And look what she has in her Etsy shop - Nico Designs - aren't these just too cute!

These just toooooo precious!  And so well made - no seams on the inside, no glue - just soft and sweet and so ready for a little baby.  And, are you ready for this!?  Guess what she calls these?! 

"Sophia Baby Shoes"

Sophia!  Now, many of you know that Tim and Cynthia are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, but did you know that the name that they have chosen to add to our little baby's name will probably be "Sophia"?  Of course, we don't know how old she will be when she arrives - or how big, but that is not problem because Erika of NICO* Designs custom makes these to the size of your baby's foot!  How fun is that?

Now, if I can just wait until that little bundle arrives....  Oh, my!


PS  Be sure to check out NICO* Designs wonderful blog, too.  She has all kinds of great tutorials as well as lots of other fun stuff!


  1. Kathy, how exciting, a new baby in the family is a wonderful gift. The shoes are sweet.

  2. What cute little shoes!

    Congrats on your new baby in the family!

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

    And thanks for the feature:)

  4. Thanks NICO - those shoes are so cute! And, you are welcome =)

    Thanks, Marlene and Pam =) Hopefully sometime this year they will make the trip to Ethiopia! Hopefully!

  5. Thanks Kathy, for the nice comment on my raku aceo!
    Hope to see you on my zany blog!

  6. Those are beautiful shoes! Erika really is quite talented!

  7. Love that ACEO, Rebecca! Looking forward to checking out your blog =)

    Indeed she is, Splendid! I am keeping these in mind for our little one!

  8. Great feature! And how exciting about the adoption!

  9. I love the shoes!! They are just too cute!

  10. How exciting to have a new member of the family coming soon, congrats! The shoes are adorable, thanks for sharing.
    Peace, Judi

  11. Thanks memories, Audrey, & Judi =) These shoes are just adorable! Thanks for the congrats for our little girl *sigh* whenever she does arrive!


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