Friday, January 22, 2010

Did you miss me? Funtry Friday Fun in the SNOW!

Isn't this pretty!

Wouldn't it be nice if it looked like this outside and my internet still worked?  Oh, my - I'm not sure I would know what to do!  roflol - we get a bit of rain or snow, and my server is out of commission for a day or so...  well, or however long it takes for whatever got wet to get dry...

In the meantime, I took a TON of fun pictures (and my usual bunch of really bad ones, too =p )

I had 'cold wire' instead of 'hot wire' when I went out to chore.  hehe - I don't even know if it was working with all that snow, but 'not a creature was stirring' so I don't think it mattered!

Maggie and Bethie rang for 'room service' since they didn't want to get their tootsies damp!  No kidding, I had to toss their feed into their little home.  Neither one was coming out into the snow.

We had about five inches of snow and then a LOT of rain, followed by more snow - and more rain today.  We are supposed to get more white stuff tomorrow, too.  I am waiting to see if the wash is (or will be) running - but that's another story!

Hopefully my internet will stay working - but if I disappear - you will now know why!  lol! 

So, what's the most snow you have been in at one time?  I was in Flagstaff, AZ, and there was eight (yep 8!) feet of snow in three days!  How about you?

Hope all of you are 'high, dry and warm' ~


  1. don't really remember. In the places I've lived I doubt if it's been more than 2 feet at one time.
    Right now it has been rainy and overcast--rather dreary.
    lovely photos! The snow is pretty, but Maggie and Bethie look rather forlorn.

  2. Something is backward here, Snow in Arizona and none in Oregon - go figure. I may be awol a few days also, seems I've picked up the bug that has been going around. My mother warned me not to pick up strangers, guess she was right.

  3. Splendid, two feet is more that I want to live around! I was in college and much younger, so the 8 feet of snow was kind of fun.

    Oh, Marlene - hope you get over your bug fast! Praying for you! Funny about the no snow in Oregon =p I'll share ;-)

  4. All I can say is that it is nice to see Arizona on the national weather news for something besides extreme heat for a change! I think the winter we lived in Presque Isle, Maine is the most snow I have ever experienced - or care to experience, thank you very much! It totally buried a 1951 Buick Roadmaster - no easy feat that! Glad you're back, Kathy!

  5. Nice pictures. THe most snow I've seen is probably 2 feet. That was '92 or '93. Once when I was a kid we had a snow that seemed to me to be
    about 5 feet deep, but of course I was 5 or 6 at the time so it most likely wasn't that deep.

  6. OOOHHH, I so feel those pix! You'd have to come outside to feed me too, but only because I don't think I'd want to come inside too often cause I'd be lovin the snow and my camera, and the fresh air!

  7. Maggie and Bethie are SO cute! Looks like a winter wonderland. The last storm, around Christmas, was a record snow in SW Oklahoma - not too much but scary when the power goes out! {:-D

  8. Wow, just look at all that snow! We barely get an inch here in E. NC if we get any at all. The most snow I've ever been in was up in VT, maybe 8 inches, and that wasn't anything compared to what they're used to!

  9. Ack, Karin - that's a LOT of snow =p Hehe - no TV here - so did AZ make the national news? LOL! It did the year we had the flooding in Paulden. Me with no TV was on national news that year =p

    Funny, Beantree - hey, I will take kid versions as accurate - you can claim the 5 or 6 feet *winks*

    Too funny, Tulips! I was wandering around taking pictures while I fed all the critters... and then I realized that my feet were waaaaayyyyy past cold =p

    Thanks, story =) I love my girls - well, I love all my critters, but I bet you guessed that! lol! I agree, it is scary when the power goes out. Not so fun then!

    Wow, UberArt - I did think that VT got a ton more than that. You obviously know when to go there and when not to go there *laughs*

  10. I don't watch TV, but my friend in Wisconsin said we were on the national news - all of the rain, snow and closing the airport were big news items, I guess! I can't wait for the wildflower show we are sure to have this year! A friend just sent us photos from his home in Pinetop! He has been without power since Thursday - just came back today! Stay warm, Kath!

  11. ewie, Karin - glad his power is back! I didn't know they closed the airport - lol - must have happened when my internet was down (no news!). *shivers* yeah - going to go throw another log on the fire and call it a night! brrrr!

  12. We've been having a lot of the same weather you are!
    Sorry to hear your internet goes out everytime...that would drive me crazy!
    I guess it shows my dependence on it!!!

  13. Wow - memories - as soon as I said that it went out with every drop of rain, it has not gone out again! Woohoo! Hope they got that problem fixed - it looks like it.

  14. Wow, Kathy the snow is beautiful. BRRRRRRR. Looks like you had great fun with your camera. :)

  15. I did, Carole =) And it was cold! All of a sudden I realized how cold I was and that was the end of my photography for the day =p lol!


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