Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Culinary Event... this one's for the Chickens!

Yeah.  I was cooking again.  Well, my version of cooking.  I was making pop corn.  I have a hot air popper (very healthy) and I like to melt butter (not quite so healthy) and add garlic power (back to healthy) and pour it over the pop corn.  I LOVE garlic - hehe - a lot!  However, even my love for garlic has its limits...

You see, while I was melting the butter, I grabbed the (extra large) garlic container, took the lid off, and began to shake the garlic powder into the pan.  I felt like a kid in junior high - only I did it to myself.  The little shaker top was stuck in the lid.  I didn't shake garlic, I poured garlic.  A heap of garlic into the butter.

Believe it or not *rolls eyes*, I stood there for a couple of seconds and really thought about putting the congealed garlic glob onto the pop corn.  Common sense prevailed.  I took the pan and scraped the whole mess into the 'chicken bucket'.  Well, maybe common sense didn't prevail... 

So, today, I grabbed the 'chicken bucket'... (*note:  my chicken bucket sits on my counter and holds all of the scraps of food for the day - the next day, the chickens hold all of the scraps in their happy little tummies)...

So... ahem, I grabbed the 'chicken bucket' and I headed out to feed all of the critters.  I emptied the chicken bucket... and the glob of congealed garlic plopped to the ground. 

"Ah," I think to myself, "not much chance of the chickens wanting some globular thing with that much garlic in it..."


Huh, I am thinking about making them a garlic pie.  Wonder what the eggs will taste like?  hehe - I like garlic in my eggs!


PS That cute little artwork is called "Sibling Rivalry" and I have it listed in my Etsy shop in the 'ACEO Other Critters' section =)


  1. How funny! It'll be interesting to see if the eggs taste different!

  2. I have fed them onions before, and not noticed a difference =p But that was a LOT of garlic *snickers*

  3. Kathleen...You crack me up! I love reading your blog and seeing what humor you have to share with us!

  4. You might have hit on a new marketing ploy garlic flavoured eggs :) love the artwork. Lindax

  5. I'm laughing so hard I think I need to get my inhaler!

    If I get a "chicken bucket" and start putting scraps out in the yard, will I get chickens too? Would welcome them, and their eggs with a huge WOOT!


  6. LMAO!
    too funny, garlic flavored eggs, you may start something!

  7. Ooo - garlic on popcorn? Now there's an AWESOME idea! I don't get popcorn very often though...

  8. What is it about the best intentions? I like butter and try not to feel too guilty when I add it to an otherwise healthy meal.
    I bet those are some happy chickens!:)

  9. Doesn't everyone put garlic in their popcorn? Really?? Which reminds me, didn't we make ourselves sick on garlic popcorn once - of course, it could have been the combination of stuff we concocted - surely it wasn't anything as healthy as garlic popcorn!

  10. Don't know much about chickens but not too concerned about the garlic as it is a plant, but butter? Did not know that a chicken would eat butter.

  11. hehe - memories, you have just been trapped in my mind and held captive in my life - roflol!

    Thanks,Linda =) Hmmm.... maybe I could add some other flavors... onion, dill, spinach... hmmm - you might be on to something there!

    Hey, Tulips - I can't guarantee that you will get chickens, but I am sure that something would wander by and munch - roflol!

    *laughs* Becky - this is a prepackaged world, ya know! *winks*

    Rose - I have a lot of popcorn - after hot chocolate, it is the second food group. I think garlic is the third food group. Not sure what the fourth one is =p maybe eggs *winks*

    NICO - butter is actually better for you because it is more natural. I just try to not glob it on everything =D even though I want to! My chickens are VERY happy ;-)

    Karin - I thought everyone did! Hmmm... I remember a number of culinary events that were - um, shall we say 'less than memorable' roflol! My we could be creative! LOL!

    Marlene - I am constantly amazed by what chickens will and will not eat! The are fascinating little critters. I feed them all sorts of odd things. They will eat corn husks and watermelon rind and then turn their little beaks away from cheese. LOL!

  12. LOL Too funny! Were you trying to season the chickens, are they tomorrow's supper ? :)

  13. ROFLOL - no, Pam *winks* they are my egg laying pets!


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