Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The best little Jim-Dandy gadget ~ Wednesday's Words

Here is a super hint for you!  If you live where there is any kind of mud, you need one of these gadgets!  And, hey - I don't sell this - I just use it a LOT.  I mean, really - take a look at how 'used' mine is!  roflol!

Some of you might recognize this as a hoof pick (hehe - a little deal that you use to pick all the - ah, ugh stuff - out of horsie hooves).  Now, in the early days of our first horse I bought this little gadget to use for that purpose.  If you have one and you use yours for that purpose and you love it, I am happy for you.  I hated it.  The pick was the wrong shape, the bristles didn't get the mud and goop off, and I, well, perhaps intensely disliked it comes a little closer than hate.  If I had hated it, I would have chucked it in the trash.

But, I found a supurb use for this little gadget and now I truly LOVE it!  The use?  Mud.  My mud...

Yep, that really is how much mud I can get on my shoes when I walk out to feed the critters after it has snowed or rained. This little gadget gets it off better than any brush, shoe scraper, or anything else I have used.

The pick part gets the tread clean and the brush part gets all the mud out of the little divits manufacturers think we need in our shoes.  Works great!

So wander on down to your local feed store and rummage through the hoof picks until you find one like this.  If you live where it gets muddy, you will be really happy you did!  Oh, yeah - and they are pretty cheap, too =)

Happy mud-bogging!

PS ~ So what is the coolest gadget that you have?  Are you using for what it was made for or have you invented a better use for it???


  1. I'm going to have to ponder on this post for a while.

  2. Hey - I wonder if there is a larger size for tires??!! Cool tool. I agree about it being totally useless for hooves, though. My Grandpa Jerry had something that was perfect, but I don't know what happened to it. I have a couple of antique tools that I inherited in a trunk of stuff from my Great Aunt Margie's ranch in Truth or Consequences, NM that appear to be homemade, but are obviously more useful for the hooves - they don't have brushes, but are great for scraping and digging. Now all I need is a horse, well, perhaps somewhere besides my suburban back yard to keep it in would be good too....

  3. LOL I hated that one for horse hooves as well but I found a use for it just like you did on my muddy boots. Thanks for the goat tip. My nannys are super tame so I will be playing with the kids a lot when they are born. I have one goat that nobody played with when she was little and she is pretty wild. I don't want any of my kids to be like her. She is getting tamer the more I am around her but nothing like the goats we raised from bottles last spring.

  4. I don't have a horse, but I do have a lot of mud in the spring, looks like a great little tool! Any ideas for muddy dog feet? I have our husky trained to wipe her feet on an area rug! But for those really muddy days I could use something more!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. hehe- Marlene - you just never know what I will come up with, huh?! =p

    lol - Karin - you neighbors might notice that horse - um... unless you got a miniature horse ;-) I love old tools - I have some that were Dad's and Granddaddy's =)

    Boy, angel - I thought I was the only one who didn't like that little gizmo =p Aw - I love the baby goats *sigh* My Maggie is now eleven years old ***oh, my!*** Have fun with them all!

    tkd - wow - how did you train your dog to do that? lol - mine are "trained" to run all the way to the bedroom carpet and then come back to the kitchen to get dried off!

  6. Yuk..all that mud. You never cease to amaze me, Kathy. You always have something interesting to share with us. :)

  7. I think you're really loving all that mud! Either that or you have a really good attitude!

  8. I agree with Splendid, and add a suggestion to get rubber boots, then just spray them off with a gadget on the end of the hose!

    ROTFLOL: the word verification for this comment is "hoosin" ...

  9. Oh my gosh! You don't need a little gadget, you need a power washer for all that mud!!

  10. Thanks, Carole - never a dull moment around here!

    Splendid - mud is just part of the country life - a messy part, but it does have it's funny moments!

    Tulips - roflol - well, um... the hose is usally frozen =p at least in the morning it is! lol!

    UberArt - lol - I'm not sure I would want to add more water to the mix =p hehe - though that could be fun... hehe

  11. This tool would come in handy more than once at my house!!!

  12. I love using this to clean my shoes - I will get another one if this one ever wears out! lol!


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