Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All quiet... except for the storm!

Well, today Cynthia and the girls came to pick up all their pets and take them home.  We had a lovely visit and a wonderful day, but now it is really quiet!

Penne (the traveling pea hen) roosted on the porch railing to get a bit out of the wind and rain.   Now, as the wind blows, the temperature drops, and the rain turns to sleet all the critters have hunkered down and found their warm spots.

And here I am, dropping little blogglettes to the cyber world and wondering if you experience the same sense of extra quiet when things return to 'normal'...

I mean, it was this quiet before I was pet sitting.  It was this quiet before Cynthia and the girls came to visit.  But somehow with the extra whines, barks, cage climbing, munching, slurping, and then all the extra animal noises, too...  JOKING!  okay - those were the animal noises =p but I miss the chatter of Mikayla and Naomi as they play, and the good conversation with Cynthia, too.

With all of those elements gone, my home seems extra quiet even though it was this quiet a week ago and I thought nothing of it.  Does that happen to you, too?  Just curious!


PS  Penne is a pea hen - she travels over about ten acres and spends a lot of time with our flock of guinea fowl.  Lorie got her and a peacock from a neighbor, brought them home, clipped their wings and parked them in her barn.  That evening, the peacock walked home.  Go figure!  Penne stayed and I think she believes she is a guinea hen...  At any rate, pea fowl are really good at catching snakes.  That makes them all my friends.  =)  And, yes, she is noisy - but the pea hens only honk (not shriek like the peacocks)...  she sounds like a cross between a goose and bicycle horn.  Yep.  That really is what she sounds like!  LOL!



    Thank you for the everyday smiles, and giggles...

    Yes, new noises then gone! Cept its usually DH's mother and, well, um ... I sure do love her, she lives in Michigan!

  2. Great picture :)
    I love it when everyone is gone and the house is quite! That's why I get up 2-3 hours before everyone else. My quite time for the day.

  3. Know what you mean - I like it when it is quiet though.

  4. I think sometimes it takes a bunch of noise for us to appreciate how nice quiet can be :)

  5. I know exactly what you mean! Except for me it was visiting with all of my cousins, etc. and then going home to peace and quiet that was the stark contrast. I love pea fowl and Penne is certainly a pretty girl. I go over to the library at least once a week and part of that is because I love to visit with the fowl that wander all over the property! I wonder if my neighbors would notice if I adopted a peacock.......hmmmm....

  6. Funny, Tulips =p

    Thanks, Audrey =) I just about have to have quiet time before I get up because after - the zoo is a zoo =p

    I do, too, Marlene =)

    Very true, Ruthie!

    hehe - they might notice the peacock, but you could probably sneak a pea hen in there - lol - since they almost sound like a sqeaky bike horn =p

  7. Hopefully the quiet won't last too long! Very interesting about pea hens!

  8. Well, Pam, now I have the sound of wind and rain - lol! Pea hens are really cool! She has quite a saucy personality =)


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