Friday, January 29, 2010

Airborne Funtry Friday!

Happy Funtry Friday!  Here's a little crazy dog country fun ~
She's got some great 'ear action' here - she has typical cocker ears that just lay down flat...  except when she is ready to launch!

This is just a little two foot jump - This silly little dog can jump from a sitting position and look me square in the eyes!  LOL!  Just a little unnerving when I am washing dishes and I see her little face on the other side of the kitchen window!

Never a dull critter moment around here!  That's for sure =p  Cookie is always jumping like this.  To say 'hi', at dinner (until I make her sit!), when I come home, when I am in the yard...  hehe - she doesn't need much of an excuse to jump! 

What's your critter's craziest antic?   Share *winks* so we can all have some Funtry Friday laughs!



  1. How funny she looks with her ears like an airplane. The only antic that Daisy does that is crazy is she loves to gut her stuffed toys, it is amazing how much batting they get into those things. She stalks them and I do believe she is playing out some instinctive ancient hunting ritual.

  2. We used to have a rescue hound who, on his first night home with us, ate an entire subway sub that was left on our kitchen counter. We quickly learned not to leave any food out! :)

  3. LOL, Marlene - one of Cynthia's greyhound does that, too - and, yes - that stuffing just explodes!

    Oh, no - Magic - how funny! good thing you caught on to his antics early! LOL!

  4. Great photos catching her in the lift off!
    One of the vets where I used to work has a whippet and she can jump up to look out of the office into the reception area...about four and a half feet. It was so much fun to see the expressions on the clients' faces when she would do it!
    Dogs are so great!

  5. How funny, Graceful - LOL - and here I thought that Jack Russells were the only dogs that did that =p

  6. I can just imagine Cookie jumping up at the window and scaring the begeebers out of you! maybe not so funny, but I'm looking at the photo of her jumping slightly sideways and thinking of your descriptions.
    A friend has a cat who, when scared, will open a cabinet door in the bathroom, jump inside, and then shut the door.

  7. ROFLOL - too funny, Splendid =p I had one who would open the cabinet door and then shut it after the other cat (who did NOT know how to get out =p ) went inside. Cats are so funny!


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