Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After the snow, comes the chocolate!

For real!  I mean, check this out ~

Chocolate ~ mud pie *winks* and my yard is FULL of it!  Just add a little snow to the... ah... well... um... yeah, the dirt... um... and stuff ~ and, well, it LOOKS like chocolate, doesn't it???  Seriously, it looked so much like chocolate that I was getting hungry walking in the slushy stuff while I was making my 'critter rounds' in the morning  =p  Needed a cup of hot chocolate after that!

Good news, though =)  The roads were passable ~ once the snow melted and the mud dried up a little.  This is one of the washes that I cross everytime I go 'to town'.

On Friday night the water was running from bank to bank ~ but not over the road!  Woohoo!  Today, it is almost all dried up with just a few puddles.  The other wash has water running in it.  Nope, I did not take pictures of the other wash while I was driving over the bridge at 65 mph.  

But to make up for not risking life and limb for that photo, here's another 'mud shot' for you!

hehe - Super Truck needs a bath!

Hope you enjoyed the 'mud shots'.  Remember ~ when life gives you mud ~ make mud pies!



  1. Chocolate, huh? Right. Yippee Yi Ya, Cow Patty! Heehee

  2. roflol, Karin ~ more like Horsie Apple Pie =p

  3. I've never heard it called chocolate before LOL
    We had a blizzard Sunday-Monday night, but our snow won't melt for another 2-3 months. We'll worry about the "chocolate" in April.

  4. LOL!


    I'm going to the store for hot chocolate now... a cut sounds simple devine right now.

    Can't believe you drive through that, but I guess if you are used to it your now as worried as I'd be.

  5. Never heard it called chocolate. That is a mess - That is the one drawback to living on a farm, even a christmas tree farm, the mud is awful in winter and gets all over the dogs then eventually all over the house.

  6. You just reminded me that when I was a kid I used to make mud "pies." Probably every kid did. I especially liked the shiny mud because that looked most like chocolate.

  7. what a mess! good attitude, though. {:-D

  8. brrrrr! Audrey! *shivers* April?! Do I need to ship you large quantities of hot cocoa???? Actually my mud looked a lot like the dessert a local restaurant serves =p I'm not sure what that says about my mud - or the dessert! roflol!

    roflol - Tulips - I got most of that mud in my yard =p backing up into my driveway. It was all gone by the next day - one trip to 'town' throwing mud pies all the way - hehe!

    Hey - Marlene - maybe that's where Spring Cleaning was invented? With all this layer of mud crumbles everywhere, people just didn't clean until things dried up in Spring?! No, wait - it rains most of the Spring here... lol - good thing I have a brown wood floor =p

    Fun, Splendid - you would have LOVED my mud *winks* most of it was shiny! LOL!

    hehe - storybeader - after a while, you just learn where to step =p

  9. I love how you find joy in the everyday things :)
    Now excuse me...I have to go find some chocolate!!!

  10. lol - thanks, memories *winks* pass some of that chocolate over here, please =)


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