Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Terrific Trees Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~ Coming SOON!

Remember that Monday, August 3, will be the start of another fun treasure hunt! Blog to Blog Terrific Trees Treasure Hunt will give you an opportunity to win one (or more!) ACEOs on the blogs that participate in this treasure hunt. All you have to do is follow the directions on each blog, post a comment, and have fun! Directions will be posted on Monday, August 3rd!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nose to nose - er, beak to beak!

How fun! Look at what I saw at the San Diego Zoo ~

A gorgeous parrot (*blushes* I didn't make a note of what kind!) and a simple little bird... They were almost "beak to beak" in the enclosure! It was fun to see this simple little bird in contrast with the larger, colorful bird. It reminds me of the many contrasts that we have all around us every day! Care to share some of those contrasts with me?


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Good. The Bad, and The Window!

Aw... look at the pretty window! Back where it is supposed to be! So, today I was at the repair shop at 8:30 AM in the morning (after I burned my oatmeal for the gagillionth time, but that will have to be addressed in another post at a different time, because I will not digress today!)

The good news was, the mechanic knew what the problem was. The bad news - it would take a while to fix it.

Good news - it was a tiny little part. Bad news - the entire assembly inside the door had to be replaced. Little part is not sold by itself ...(kaching$$$).

Good news - refurbished parts are available. Bad news - not today. Only one available locally was from the dealer. (KACHING$$$$$KACHING$$$$$)

Good news - dealer could deliver soon. Bad news - definition of soon was not translated from *mechanickease* to English... *sands of time slowing dooooowwwnnnnnnn*

But, hey, I used the time wisely - I had a nice walk to my doctor's office to pick up some paper work they had ready for me. Then I had a nice hike to the Credit Union to make my bank deposit. On the way back I stopped and got some lunch. Yeah! I did not go hungry while waiting! LOL! (and what in the world is it that they put on the Arby's curly fries? I still can't decide if I liked it or not, but I am sure it is not on my list of recommended foods!)

(ummm, right - no digressing... Is that a word? 'digressing'? Is that digressing?) *whatever*!

Anyway, that used up a couple of hours... but I was at the auto shop until 2:30 PM. A WHOLE 6 hours! so I had a LOT more time to 'use wisely'... *slumps in the chair*

Guess what kind of chairs they had at the auto shop??? Actually, I made a list of 32 possible future blog posts including notes for each one. Decided two were really boring and/or weird (should I put them at the top of the list? *joking!*) And then I just gave up making notes and started drawing... brain was tired of working... on paper... without drawing...

It was fun to do a little drawing - the chair had a cool reflection. Then....

Good news - the part arrived! Bad news - old part was riveted to door and rivets had to be ground off. (kakakakachingchingching$$$$$)(sands of time doing the dribble dance)

Good news - truck will be ready soon! Bad news - I was out of time to finish my drawing. But *really* I am okay with that!

The Good News! The truck was all ready to go! woohooo!

And The Bad News...


that's a $$$lotta kachings$$$

But, hey - it is STILL cheaper than a new vehicle! And *winks* there still ain't nothin' wrong with the radio!

*drives off into the afternoon humidity with A/C on*


A cowgirl window... Hey! It works!

So, okay - my truck is a little old. I don't think it quite has 'old beater' status yet, but my sister does. It runs pretty good for having over 225,000 miles on it. And, as the saying goes, "there ain't nothin' wrong with the radio!" The tape player, yes. The radio, no!

But... it did have a little problem this week...

Saturday, I was driving up to the gate when I heard a bad sound from my driver's side window. I watched in disbelief as my window slid down into the door. Now, why I did not stop the truck at this moment and try to grab the window before it disappeared into oblivion, I have no idea. That was mistake number one! *slaps forehead*

Using all of my skills and intelligence, I stopped the truck after the window had disappeared and then proceeded to try to stick my fingers down into the door of the truck, grab a giant piece of glass that is obviously wedged in an inappropriate place, and magically fix the window.

As you can see, I had the success level that a normal person would have expected. A normal person, however, would not have tried to send their only fingers into a door that had already eaten a window.

Now, what I want to know is how this window eating door also knew that we would (((finally))) have rain the day that it ate the window.

Fortunately, I am sometimes fairly resourceful and I can come up with good solutions quickly. Um... this wasn't one of those times, however. My neighbor just happened to be driving by and reminded me that plastic and duct tape is a common window treatment out here.
Yep, we call them 'cowboy windows'... except this is the petite version. It doesn't have the heavy plastic that is just this side of a tarp. Instead it has a semi-frosted, delicate plastic bag. Much more feminine, don't you think?
And, it has been assembled with packing tape, not duct tape. Clearly a better choice for your viewing pleasure! (transparent tape - clearly a better... get it? ah... well... okay, in my warped mind it sounded funny!)
Actually, the truth is that I am out of duct tape. Well, almost out. There wasn't enough for the window. You see, I used it up on the dog. Yeah. The dog. I know. But the vet told me to do it, so don't panic! And it did work, too. But, when all was said and done, I forgot to buy more duct tape. Who knew I was going to have a window eating door in my future???
So now I don't have a heavy piece of plastic securely duct taped to the truck door. I have a delicate piece of semi-transparent plastic cascading across the opening lightly attached with clear packing tape. I think my 'cowgirl window' is much more elegant and feminine than it's rougher cousin, don't you? Check out the gentle folds and the soft appearance! And, so far, it has kept out the rain. At least most of it!
Of course, I did park as close to the wall as I could so that the wind wouldn't rip it out at the roots. (We had a lot of wind yesterday!)
Today I will take the truck to the mechanic who will probably not appreciate my design and who will also probably not stick his fingers in the door to try to retrieve the window.
And that is why he makes a living rescuing windows from hungry doors and I do not.

I will let you know how it all turns out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Want to see my clock? ...but, I digress...

Okay, so things are a little hectic right now... I am trying to get quite a few things done in a short amount of time with the predictable outcome. But really, a lot of it is not my fault and it is out of my control! Who can, after all, control the weather? (Outside of God, I do not know anyone who can!)

But, I digress...
So, I called Jeff, the local Heat and Cool 'guy', to come and turn my cooler on for me. Yeah, I know, I just got to the point where I was getting a bit too warm in the house. We have had some really nice weather this spring!

I have been told on several occasions: "Kathleen, don't build me a clock, just tell me what time it is!" ...but, I digress...

So there was a little storm... Here is a picture that I took looking to the east. It clearly shows the 'north 40 moving south'. You can sort of see Tim and Lorie's house, and if you really squint you can see their red truck.
It was worse out back. It's okay that the 'north 40 moved south', though, because it made room for Russ and Diane's 'south 40 that moved further south'. But, I digress...

I had to wonder why I was standing outside eating dirt and taking pictures, but then I remembered that the latest news says that kids need to eat dirt to build up their immunity.
But, um, I, yeah.... I wonder why people say that thing about the clock to me?Anyway, I am eating dirt and taking pictures when I notice that Hershey, who is a very smart horse, is standing under the shelter. Kodi and Jamaica are on the other side of the fence close to the shelter. The 'north 40' is still moving rapidly south... And Billie Jane, who is highly motivated to eat constantly, has moved next to the feeder in eager anticipation because she has seen me standing outside.
Yeah. Like I am really going to go walk out there in all of that dust and dirt and try to fling some hay at her and expect that it will stay in the feeder long enough to get eaten. And, I might add, it was about an hour and a half early for feeding time!
But... hmm... looking for a clock... Oh, yeah!
And, in the meantime, I am hoping that my 'cowgirl window' is keeping the rain out of my truck.
Oh, yeah. Rain. I remember what I was telling you now. So, Jeff called me and said that he really did want to work on my cooler, but he didn't want to be on my roof right now.

I thought that the clouds were really pretty. Maybe guys don't like clouds so much?! Hmm...
Oh, yeah - I forgot! I was going to tell you all about how I got that 'cowgirl window' in the first place. I must have gotten side tracked by the storm. Well, I will tell you all about that tomorrow!
For now, I am going to go find whoever it was that wanted to know what time it is and show them the neat clock I just built!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun puppy sitting this weekend - haha - sort of!

Well, not puppies, exactly - rather they are my daughters two "40 mile an hour couch potatoes" as she refers to them! She and her husband have two greyhounds that they adopted from the greyhound rescue group in Phoenix. They can run fast when they want to!

Gotcha, however, seemed more interested in eating dirt than running around the yard... Not sure what that was all about!

Glory was pretty excited when she spotted the goats. Check out her ears! Yep, they really are standing straight up.
The goats, however, were not amused. Bethie high tailed it to the tallest rock and just stared at me in disbelief that I would allow such a travesty as dogs in the yard. Maggie doesn't like dogs, but at her age about all she can do is raise her hackles.

Yeah - goats can raise their hackles just like dogs do. Check out the black hair along Maggie's back and you will see that it is standing just about as straight up as Glory's ears! Oh, it's a good thing that goats can't talk...

Well, it sure is quiet around here now that Tim and Cynthia have picked up their girls, but I am sure that there will be other occasions to 'puppy sit'!
Hope you had a blessed Sunday,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's official! Um.... the pictures will come later...

I had a lovely last day at work and I am now officially "retired". Well, more like I am changing my focus a bit and creating art full time. I would have lovely pictures to show you of the flowers, cards, and gifts... Um... But I found out that when my camera battery is dead, I can't even download pictures. Ooops! I took pictures until my battery died - LOL!

So instead of those pictures, here are pictures of The Frame & I and The Art Store. This is the brick & mortar store where I have worked for the last 18 years. When I started working there in 1991, it was much smaller and only in one building.

In 1998, Ida and I bought the business from the previous owners. Now, Ida is taking over my part of the business and I am going to work as a full time artist - including illustrating a series of books for my daughter.
There are a lot of exciting changes in the future for all of us. Thanks, Ida! I wish you and Keith all the best!
If you are in the Prescott, Arizona area, be sure to stop by and say 'hi' and visit the best picture frame shop, gallery, and art store in the universe! (Well, at least in Arizona =D)
God bless,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh! I just have to share this!

How cute is this?! Some people have Christmas in July... this would be perfect for that!

I am amazed by the art of felting! Check out miesmama's shop on etsy for more of her wonderful creations! She has a warm and cozy shop =)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in July - if that is when you celebrate it! My daughter and son-in-law celebrate Christmas in July so that they can concentrate on the REAL reason for the season - Jesus Christ. Without all of the commercial distractions around them, it is much easier to focus on our Lord and what is really important about Christmas.

Have a blessed day!

Hot dog! It's National Hot Dog Month!

Okay - summer is a great time for picnics, hot dogs and hamburgers... but hot dogs are on my great, big no-no list *sigh* So I am sharing some of my summer 'hot dogs' that are on my *oh yeah list* instead!

Festus and his daughter, Guess - great hound dogs, both of them! Drooly to the max and very fun!

A sketch I did of Guess - which I hope will be a 'hot dog seller' when I get prints made of it!

My new little 'hot dogs' that came to live with me this year. Here are Lova and Cookie - little mischief makers extraordinaire!

I am hoping to get paintings done of these two cuties this summer!
Yep, summer is for 'hot doggies' and that's for sure and I think I will celebrate my own special National Hot Doggies =p
God bless,
PS The Etsy Bloggers Carnival for this month was "Hot Dogs" ~ so I just had to play with this one =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When the times change, follow the Son!

The sunflower gives us an example to follow the sun when the time changes. For people, it is wise to follow the Son when life changes!

Celebrate with me and enjoy some of the changes that are in store for me! Why am I celebrating? For lots of reasons!
  • I will have a solo show of my artwork in November at The Frame & I in Prescott, Arizona!
  • My daughter has written a lovely children’s book that she wants me to illustrate!
  • I am now able to devote myself full time to my artwork!

So, come and celebrate with me! Share my journey as I follow the Lord's lead into a new season of life.

To start the celebrations, I am having a HUGE sale in my etsy shop =) It involves free shipping on many items, sale prices - including some items that are half price, and more surprises to come this week! Don't delay - the sale will end July 19th!

God bless,


Monday, July 13, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - and the winner is.....!

*****drum roll please!*****

Brenda Thour of Brenda Thour's Art Blog is the winner of my drawing for the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt! Brenda won this original watercolor and gouache ACEO!

An ACEO is a little work of art that is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches in any media. They are highly collectible and lots of fun!
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt! Our next treasure hunt will start on August 3rd.
I will have more details of that treasure hunt soon, as well as details of the sale that will start this week in my Etsy shop! and a couple of other give-a-ways that I have planned =p Stay tuned!!!!
God bless,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt is over - Winner to be announced on Monday!

A few odds and ends from me ~

  1. The winner of the Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt will be posted here on Monday!
  2. There will be more chances to win =) Check out my blog on Monday for details about the August Treasure Hunt, too!!!
  3. Look for more chances to win original artwork from me - through the Treasure Hunts and through some other surprises that I have planned for you =)
  4. Watch out, too - I feel a sale coming on! I haven't had one in a long time, and I just think... maybe... well, check out my etsy shop =) I bet that you will see some irresistible things happening this week!

Thanks to everyone who posted comments on the Treasure Hunt =) Glad you had a good time!

God bless,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - ends at midnight Friday night, July 10!

Hurry! The Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ends at midnight, July 10! Check out the directions here! Basically, you post a comment at least once on each of our blogs to complete the blog circle. Each time you post a comment, you are entered in to a drawing to win an ACEO. The more you comment, the more times you are entered!

Yes! you can win more than one ACEO! But you have to hurry! The treasure hunt ends soon!

Race over to Allie's delightful blog here:

and when you have a little time, be sure to stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop =)

Have fun hunting for treasure!


PS - That little cutie racing through the water is my granddaughter, Mikayla, on a vacation to Michigan a couple of years ago =)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - some water fun - inside!

I LOVE water soluable graphite! My latest *passion* is the Derwent Graphitint and the Cretacolor GraphitAquarell pencils. I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about them during our Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt =) So, here is a little "inside" water!

This is a drawing that I did with the Derwent pencils.These pencils come in a nice range of colors. In order to get the look that I wanted, I sketched the horse and then I used a brush wet with plain water to lightly blend most of the areas. The background wash was made by running a wet brush over the pencil and then applying the color to the paper. The very dark areas under the chin and on the ear were made by dipping the pencil in water and drawing with the wet lead on the paper.
There is quite a bit of difference in the color between the wet and the dry areas of the pencil lines. Check this out!
The Cretacolor pencils work in much the same way. They come in several graphite densities. Here's a little sample of the HB, 4B and the 8B. There are lots of other ones.
The main difference between these two types pencils and traditional watercolor pencils is that these pencils have the texture of a graphite pencil rather than a colored pencil. Since I like to sketch with pencil a lot, I really enjoy having that texture combined with the waterbased lead.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of water fun! Your next stop on the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt is Allie ~Visit Allie's delightful blog here:
and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop =)
Happy treasure hunting!
God bless,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - Rain Drops on Iris Leaves

Rita Squier has a lovely shop on etsy where she paints dew drops. She also teaches and she advised her students to learn how to paint dew drops to add as an accent on their paintings. She inspired me to create this little ACEO with rain drops on iris leaves.
Hope you are enjoying our Blog to Blog Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt! Find the directions of how to go treasure hunting here! You could win one or more ACEOs from the participating artists!

An ACEO is a little 2.5 x 3.5 inch work of art that can be an original, print, photograph, collage - anything you can imagine! ACEOs are created in all media, just like larger format artwork.

Your next blog on the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt is Allie ~Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop =)

Happy treasure hunting!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - and the Premio Meme Award from Jessie!

Wow! Jessie of J. B. Guess & Co. honored me with the Premio Meme Award! *blushes* Thank you, Jessie! Please visit her etsy shop and her wonderful blog - she has some really fun things on both sites!

The rules associated with this award are that I am to write seven little-known facts about myself, and then pass this award to seven of my fellow bloggers.

The first one is my favorite 'water memory' of all time which I am sharing in connection with our Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt. Find all about how you could win a free original ACEO by checking this post! Not sure what an ACEO is? Check this post!

Here are my seven little known facts about me:
  1. The most wonderful water related experience that I ever had happened when friends and I were horseback riding south of Williams, Arizona. We came to a pond that we knew was good drinking water, so we stopped to give the horses a drink. I was riding my friend's sweet mare, Sheba - whose every quirk I did not know. We had paused a couple of feet from the water, but we were not close enough for her to get a drink so I gave her a little nudge. Sheba moved forward but did not pause at the edge of the water - she kept going. What I didn't know was that Sheba loved water. The next thing I knew I was wet up to my hips - on a swimming horse! It was really fun to feel the movement of the horse swimming beneath me - so much so that we swam around the pond a couple of times before we climbed out. Yes, we were wet, saddle, clothes, boots and all - but it was warm and we were soon dry. It was a splendid experience!
  2. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History.
  3. I sing in sign language which I learned because my daughter is hard of hearing. Fortunately she has never lost all of her hearing and she doesn't depend on sign language to communicate - but I wanted to be prepared in case she did loose her hearing.
  4. I have sewn three wedding dresses including one for my daughter.
  5. I have done a ton of different kinds of needle arts including crochet, knitting, crewel, cross stitch, embroidery of all kinds, tatting, sewing of all kinds, needlepoint, doll making, and who knows what all else!
  6. I love to study Biblical History.
  7. As of July 18, 2009, I will be officially retired from my B&M, The Frame & I, so that I can pursue art full-time - including illustrating a series of children's books for my daughter.
Wow - that was fun! Here are the seven bloggers that I am passing this award on to (in no particular order!):
And, here is your next stop along the BLOG TO BLOG WONDERFUL WATER TREASURE HUNT!
Your next blog on the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt is Allie ~Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop =)
Have fun!
God bless,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - From today until Friday!

We had a little rain out here *winks* I had a pond and my neighbors had waterfront property for almost a whole day!
Hope you have fun on our Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt. For every comment that you make on the Treasure Hunt posts from Monday (today) until midnight EST on Friday, July10, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a free ACEO IF you complete the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt Loop by visiting all of the participating artists. You have a chance to win a free ACEO from my blog and one from each of the other participating artists by participating in this Treasure Hunt!

ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals and they are small works of art that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card. Check out this blog post for more information about ACEOs and why I like them so much!

Here are the Rules for the Treasure Hunt:

  • Complete the loop of all participating artists to qualify for the drawings.
  • Leave a comment at each blog so that we know you have completed the loop.
  • Each comment made on the different Treasure Hunt posts at the different blogs will give you another chance to win a free ACEO from one or more of us!
  • The Treasure Hunt will work a little differently at each artist’s blog, so be sure to read each blogger’s Rules Post very carefully.
  • We would LOVE for you to visit our shops and see more of our artwork!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Have fun searching for treasure =)

Your next blog on the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt is Allie ~Visit Allie's delightful blog here:

and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop =)

God bless,


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - Who doesn't like puddles?!

Really! You know that there is an incredible urge to jump into a puddle - no matter how old you are! Puddles are irresistible - they bring out the child in us and take us back to a time full of fun and games.

But what if that puddle was your only source of water?

Lack of clean drinking water is a major problem in many countries. You can make a difference! Visit World Vision International and type in "clean water" in their search box to see what has been done to help people - one community at a time.
"Rain for Simangele" is one way that I can help - one small drop of water that adds to another and another, until there is enough water to make crops grow and provide clean drinking water for an entire village. You can make a difference, too!
Here is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt ~
Visit Allie's delightful blog here:
and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here:
God bless,

Wonderful Water Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt - Starts tomorrow!

Our Blog to Blog Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt will start tomorrow! Post a comment on each blog to be entered to win a FREE original ACEO from me. The more you post, the more chances you have to win! Check back Monday, July 6, for all the details.

What will you see on the Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt? Lots of water!
  • ponds, lakes, rivers, waterfalls
  • clouds, rain, puddles
  • reflections
  • drips and drops
  • and more!
Check back and cruise through the blogs to see some really fun interpretations of this subject! As usual *winks* I will have a few surprises in store for you!
God bless,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

— Closing line of the Declaration of Independence

God bless,


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And the winner of my FREE ORIGINAL ACEO is...

...presented by this darling toad family that I spotted this morning while watering my garden! Aren't they cute!!! They were very curious about what I was doing - but scampered quickly down their hole when I got too close for comfort. They must not have known that they would be the star performers for this presentation!

Okay! All the names are in the bag! There were a total of 32 posts with 36 ideas for animals! WOW! Thank you all for contributing ideas to me =) I am looking forward to painting, painting, painting!

***Drum roll please!*** (or at the very least, a little toad singing!)

***boy, is she going to be surprised! ROFLOL!***


Carol of St. Thomas Mission Trip!!! Check out her great blog about the recent mission trip to St. Thomas - and to see the story of Iggy and Boogie! I think she needs a little ACEO of an iguana *winks* what do you think?

If you didn't win this time, don't despair! I am hooked on giving away ACEOs! Check back this weekend to get details about the Blog to Blog Wonderful Water Treasure Hunt that starts Monday, July 6th - each time you comment on the Treasure Hunt threads , you will be entered into the drawing for another FREE original ACEO from me! The more you comment, the more chances you have to win! Of course, it only takes one time to win! LOL! Just ask Carol *winks*

Thanks again for all of the great comments!

God bless,
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