Friday, December 4, 2009

*whew* Oh, my - Glad to be back online!!!

Ahhhhhh.....  yes, this is what my monitor should look like!

A computer screen should not be black.  It should not be white.  It should have pretty pictures and lots of nice words.  *ahhhhh*  My Etsy shop is back!

*fans self*

Okay.  I think I am fine now.  I really missed my cyber friends!  Thanks for playing along on my blog while I was awaiting the repair of my computer.  Congrats to Pam, who came the closest to the time I was actually able to post on my blog again.  She will win a fun little original creation from me.  Don't worry - I will post pictures!

Now, for a few thoughts and suggestions for those of us who are online more than once or twice a week *winks*
  • Life will go on without a computer!   Several friends have said they spend too much time on line and they want to spend less time in the cyber world.  Hey - go for it!  Yes, it is a wonderful place to be - but there are LOTS of wonderful places to be!
  • Back up everything!  All the time!  Have an online file storage (I use Carbonite) and have an external back up hard drive.  I praise the Lord that I did not loose any files, but I know others who have.  No fun.  However, I was prepared to loose very little with the back-up systems in place.
  • Do not stress over the lost computer time.  ROFLOL - do you remember life before computers?  We never had trouble finding stuff to do.  Read a book, take a walk, or do lots of artwork for your etsy shop *winks*
  • Be patient with the tech help.  I had some great help from the Dell techies.  They even resolved the problem several days before they said they would.  But, hey, all techies are human (pretty sure about that one) so don't get grumpy with them even if they are less than perfect.
  • Resist the temptation to take your computer apart by yourself.  Unless, of course, you are a techie.  There is lots of stuff in there and left over parts are a major "no bueno"!
  • Relax.  Breath.  and repeat after me - "this is only a computer, this is only a computer, this is only a computer..."  Nope, not rocket science or major surgery.  This is just a little hiccough in the great expanse of the cybernation.  Wander off and enjoy some fresh air.  The cyberworld will be there when you get back.
So, what did I miss most?  My online friends.  I missed chatting with them and I missed keeping up with their news via the blogs, forums and social networking.  When it really came down to it, that is what I missed.  Yep, I could live without my computer - but I would really miss all my cyber friends!  I am glad that I have this tool to use so that I can keep in touch.

So, "HI" to you all!  *waves* so glad to be back online with you!



  1. Welcome Back Kathy,

    Great post, and great advice!

    There were only 3 guesses for when you would be back. Why don't you hold on to your original goodie and run a bigger contest.

    I am sure your blog readers would love to win, as would I (but I have lots of art from you and no it won't be the last lol)

  2. Glad you're back! I am always amazed at how much I can get done in a day when I don't have a computer on my lap. Maybe I'll try to stay away from it a little more but still check in with my cyber friends from time to time. Thanks for the great advice too!

  3. I feel so lost when my computer goes down!
    Thanks for the reminder that life goes on when we don't have cyber connections :)

  4. Funny, Pam - I will catch you sooner or later *winks*

    Beaded - the increased amount of sleep was what I noticed =p The same number of hours in the day, but I seem to go to bed earlier if I am not on the computer. Go figure! haha!

    Totally true, memories!

  5. Life without a computer?!!! Aaccckkkk!

    Glad you're back!

  6. Yeah, splendid - and last night it was life without internet - roflol - the rain we had messed up my internet provider =p Proving that there is life without both the computer and the internet!


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