Monday, December 21, 2009

Well, sort of a working well... sort of... *oh, well*

Sometimes life just seems like an uphill climb... 

But sometimes you just have to work a little harder to get where you want to be!

Honestly, I did not know that a cat could climb a six foot chain link fence.  Did you know that a cat could climb a six foot chain link fence???

See, the deal is that Forrest and Benny are buddies.  They love to play together, but Benny is inside a fenced in garden/yard so that the coyotes won't make a meal of him.  He likes the garden so he stays there.  Also, if I don't plant my garden inside a fence, the chickens eat all the tomatoes.  Of course, if I plant the peas and beans inside the fence, then Benny eats them all.  Squash seems to be fairly safe from everyone - except the bugs.  But I digress...

Back to my story - I did not know that Forrest could climb a fence that tall.  Apparently she does it anytime that she wants to play with Benny.  Well, anytime she wants to play with him without a fence between them (see the second picture...).  I was inside the fence with Benny when Forrest climbed over the six foot chain link panel to join us inside the "yard" (see the first picture!).  Fortunately I followed rule #1 that day and I did not leave the house without my camera.   But, I digress...

Back to the story:  Forrest worked really hard to get inside the garden so she could play with Benny.  And she had a really good time playing when she got there.  All the effort she put into climbing the fence was worth it!

So... now to the Daily Paulden Headline:  "Well sort of well but not quite well but may be well in the future when, well, there will be time to fix the well."

Clear as mud?  hehe!  No doubt.  Living in the country has its ups and downs and you just have to take the hard work with the fun.  My well is partially fixed now so I do have water in the house... some of the time.  I can't leave the well on all the time, so I run out and throw the breaker on, then run inside and do all my 'water stuff'.  I can leave it on long enough to do the dishes and laundry - woohoo!  And, most importantly - to fill up all the water tanks for the critters.  And then I run back outside and turn off the breaker to the well.  When I have time, I will fix the three (thank you very much!) leaking frost free faucets and then drain the pressure tank and recharge it.

And then, knowing that I have climbed the six foot chain link fence, I am going to sit down and have some fun watching my sink fill up with water =p  I'll send out invitations - we can have a "Wel - come back party"!  Potluck, of course - I'll supply the drinks - plenty of fresh well water ;-)



  1. what a great little story - and to think I complain about walking out into my laundry room to wash our clothes! You've put life into perspective. :)
    Wishing you a waterful holiday season!

  2. Kathy, you are such a joy to enjoy!

    Yes, I did know that cats can climb chain link fences. However, the reason Forrest did is the best ever...


  3. Oh goodness. I'm proud of you for being thankful for small blessings. Like sometimes running water.

    Love your little friends!

  4. Kathy, you are too funny. Yes, I knew cats could climb chain link fences. Glad your water is back.:)

  5. Your sense of humor and wonderful personality put a smile on my face every time I visit your blog :)
    Great photos too btw!

  6. Again, thank you for my daily smile, you have such a great way to make even a fairly sad story amusing, what a wonderful attitude towards life you have. I'm glad you have sometimes water, Thanks for the invite and I will bring something chocolate.

  7. Thanks, magic - I will take those waterful wishes with glee and joy!

    I was clueless on the climbing abilities - but she and Benny are very attached to each other!

    Thanks, Lona - my warped sense of humor really helps =p and all my furry little friends!

    Thanks, Carole - hehe - I must be about the only one who didn't know that cats can scale the heights of chain link...

    Thanks memories *big smile* I am so glad I had my camera with me that day!

    OOOooohhh - Marlene - *chocolate* =D hehe - the welcome mat is out anytime! Ummmm.... call ahead if you need water *winks*

  8. Wow! I didn't know that cats can do that either! Hope that the whole water debacle gets situated soon!

  9. Thanks, Joy! hehe - I didn't know that a cat would climb a fence like this either. I was just watching her do it and she was this high before I thought to grab my camera and take a picture!

  10. What a smart Kitty! lol too funny reading your stories!

    Glad your well is partially fixed!

  11. Thanks, Pam =) She is really a funny cat! Very feisty, but fun =p
    I am glad I have water! woohoo!


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