Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Proof that I am not a weather wimp!

No.  I was totally and completely suffering from temporary insanity.  I am sure of it!  Gadfry - look at all this snow and *shivers* SLUSH!!!

Oh - and, ah - yeah - well, ignore the fact that I did actually take this picture while sort of driving in the parking lot.  Hey - I was going so slow that I was almost stopped.  And don't tell my daughter that I did that.  Again.  Hey - I said that I was suffering from temporary insanity!  I am sure of it.  Can any of you think of any other reason why I would be out when it was cloudy, snowy, wet, cold, and with slushy roads???  well, okay - the weather report said in the low 40s F.  But it was snowing!  ah...  sort of...  part of the time...  a little...

Well, look here ~

See!  That is real snow!  Really!  Has to be about ten feet deep there, wouldn't you say?

Well, maybe not. 

I would have taken pictures of all the snow at home, too...  but, well... there wasn't any, okay.  I could show you some fun pictures of mud, though - would you like that?  Well, actually, there wasn't much mud either.

Okay, so I am a weather wimp.  But I did get a cool picture of the snowy tree at Costco... and I did pick up my prescription that I needed...  And now I am warm and cozy at home!  Hope you are, too =)



  1. I so enjoy your sense of humor!

    I was wondering, if you don't mind that I ask, do you live alone? How do you know how to do so much, such as working on your...well...well?, etc...

    Do you have a lot of land? How do you keep up? You must be a very fit woman.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us all.

    Merry Christmas. Blessings,


  2. OMG, you poor dear, blizzard conditions and you were out in it. You are so brave to go out and I am so glad you are safe at home. Hope you made yourself a large cup of cocoa as your reward.

  3. We're in for another big storm here today and tomorrow! Yucky rain and then snow on top! Wanna trade...LOL!

  4. hahaha! looks like the kind of snow we get here!

  5. Oh no, snow... I'm not a huge fan of it! Drive safe!

  6. hehe - Lily - that sounds like the subject for a blog post *winks* I have lived on a well for almost 20 years - you just 'learn stuff' along the way =p It helps that I like to do stuff like that, too =)

    Marlene - hehe - yeah, I think I got about a dozen snowflakes on me! *gasp* I'm melting!!!

    Um... memories - I respectfully decline your invitation to trade. But I will offer you a cuppa hot chocolate =)

    Just about the right amount, Splendid - when it melts, that is!

    Thanks, Joy! I didn't have to drive in too much slush since it was mostly just in Prescott and I wasn't there very long. It was a bit wet at Costco, but, by the time I was on my way home the roads were mostly dry. And - nada at the house =p Prescott is a little pocket for the snow storms. Most of the storms seem to go around the valley where I live.

  7. Brrr! That looks cold and scary to venture out in! Glad you made it home safely! :D

  8. Beaded - yep - it was a two jacket day ;-) plus my special hat with attached scarf - oh, yeah - and gloves! brrrrrr!

  9. Yuk! slushy snow!
    You do live in a beautiful part of the world. I'm assuming you must be somewhat high in elevation to get snow at all. I've been in Arizona a number of times, so I know the temperature can change drastically with changing elevations.
    That snow looks like the kind we often get in SW Ohio.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  10. Splendid - these were pictures in Prescott which is a little higher than my elevation in Paulden.

  11. LOL So hard picturing Arizona with snow! Hope it warms up for you!

  12. Pam - Arizona actually has a lot of different climates - everything from deserts to high mountain pines. In about two hours travel time you can go from swimming to skiing =p

  13. I am only slightly late. Great shots, Kathy. LOL

  14. Thanks, Carole - hehe - I am still whining about being cold =p but at least we haven't had any snow for a while!


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