Monday, December 7, 2009

***Pearl Harbor Day*** The Spirit of Christmas Treasure Hunt

The Spirit of Christmas Treasure Hunt begins today! Today is also Pearl Harbor Day.

A little bit of history about Pearl Harbor, 1941 ~
On the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers staged a surprise attack on U.S. military and naval forces in Hawaii. As a result of that attack, the United States suffered 3,435 casualties.  Today is a good day to remember both those dedicated service people, and the dedicated people who serve today.  It is a good day to remember that freedom is not free.

Here are a few blog posts that honor our veterans ~

Thank you for serving our country so that we may enjoy freedom.  May your celebrations be full of the true Spirit of Christmas!


How simple is it to win some treasure in our Treasure Hunt? This simple!

Comment at least once at each of the 6 blogs by December 11th, at 12am EST to be eligible to win 1 or more ACEO's. One winner will be chosen from each blog.

Kathy (me) ~
Allie ~
Christine ~
Pam ~
Carole ~
Marlene ~

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Allie is your next stop on the Blog to Blog Treasure Hunt ~
Visit Allie's delightful blog here:
and then stop by Allie's wonderful etsy shop here:

Just in case you did not know, ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. They are small works of art that are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card.


  1. I had forgotten it was Pearl Harbor day. Such a sad day in our history.

  2. Thank you, Kathy for the reminder that it is pearl harbor day.

  3. you are right about freedom not being free.
    Thank you for the reminder, and blessings to all who serve, and who have served to keep us safe.

  4. Thank you for remembering to honor the people who died at Pearl Harbor:)

    It dawned on me what day it was late this evening. :)

  5. Thanks. I had complety forgotten today is Pearl Harbor day.


  6. I guess I remember it because my father made a recording of the speech that the president made announcing America was at war. It made a big impact to hear my father's voice on an old 78 record. Shortly after that he inlisted in the Navy.

    Glad that you all enjoyed the post.

  7. Your artwork is beautiful & I love your spirit of Christmas post too!
    If you'd like, you can enter my giveaway on my blog. It's a calendar I made from my blog's photographs.

  8. I noticed the flags were at half mast...thank you for the reminder!

  9. Thanks so much for remembering Pearl Harbor day and our vets.

  10. Thanks, Lily - glad you enjoyed my artwork and my blog =) I will check out your giveaway - sounds fun!

    You are welcome, memories and Linda. I am reminded of the service that my father and many others gave so that we would be free. I just like to share those reminders now and then.

  11. no, freedom isn't free.
    The blog hop sounds like fun.

  12. A wonderful sentiment for your blog, we need to appreciate what our armed forces have done for our country, throughout history.

  13. A lovely and wonderful post. I don't know much about Pearl Harbour Day and i am sure gonna read up now!

  14. Very true, Splendid! And, yes, the treasure hunts are a lot of fun with a whole variety of great posts!

    Thank you, Sue - I agree that we always need to remember those who serve our countries to keep us free!

    Thanks, Noble - it is very interesting! Check it out =)

  15. thanks for acknowledging the day. it is one close to my heart. may your celebrations be full of the TRUE spirit of christmas as well!

  16. Great post Kathy! May those we lost rest in peace!

  17. Thanks, patk860 =)

    Yes, Pam - may they rest in peace!

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